Printed Magnets Make Great Handouts During Mass Events

Promotional events may not leave any lasting memories for the attendees once it gets over. Marketers who wish to foster a long lasting acquaintance with their prospects even after the events will find imprinted magnets a great choice to put their message on. Budget friendly and popular, magnets are available in a range of interesting shapes and models that will please your audience instantly. These items acquired at your business event will hold significance and will ensure maximum brand resonance in the days ahead. In addition to displaying the company’s information, these will remain as tokens of your brand identity. Magnets are portable and fun items that will let others know about the event and your products. Magnets literally attract the attention of anyone and make connections to your event and a tangible effect.

Personalized magnets can be customized with your brand, message or artwork to make an interesting conversation starter of sorts. Friends and acquaintances of your recipients who see these attractive full color magnets will be curious to know more about the brand that hands out such interesting items.  It is these banter sessions that lead to word of mouth publicity in for your brand in the long run. The fact that most people choose brands and services based on referrals will further enhance the significance of these logo items.

Businesses can add image, artwork or an interesting tagline over these custom items rather than just a plain logo to make these logo items part of the reality and the business event that they wish to celebrate.  It will make these imprinted magnets a little more special and a souvenir of the event that your prospects will love to cherish and retain for a long time.

Custom magnets are available in a range of interesting models. Car magnets are a great way to get your message outdoors and to ensure a super quick way to get across your message to a wider audience. Sports schedule magnets are just right to reach out to the sports loving community and to support your homes teams. These will get an assured retention all through the sports season and even beyond as souvenirs.

11.13x16.5 Custom Oval Shape Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

Calendar magnets will give a full year calendar at easy access for your recipients. You can even imprint other useful information like emergency numbers or CPR tips etc to get the attendees refer these magnets more often and not just when they need to check dates! Shaped magnets will convey your brand and business to your audience in just a single glance, without them having to go through the text. It is ideal for promoting all types of events and brands. Just choose a shape that corresponds to your business and you are all set to draw the curious glances of your audience. Just imagine how cool it is to use Pizza shaped magnets for pizzerias or house shaped magnets for realtor agents!

Customized Wisconsin Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

We have a lot more in promotional magnets! Just browse along and choose a model that matches your theme.