Promotional campaign on a Budget- 4 tips to attract New Customers

Let’s admit it. Money is hard to come in these trying times and businesses are putting their heads together to come up with cost cutting measures without compromising on the brand visibility. Keeping the promotional expenses within your budget requires a bit of legwork and in some case belt tightening measures like wage cuts. However with a bit of smart and budget friendly marketing techniques, you can come up with a high visibility promotional campaign.

Here are some popular options that budget companies can adopt to generate new customers

Word of Mouth publicity

Easily the oldest and the time tested way to market your business- Word-of-mouth advertising will work on and on once you spare a bit of time to put this system in place. Nothing can match the charm of a personal reference as people often go by their friends’ or family referrals when choosing a new restaurant a, a day care center for their baby or even choosing a doctor or a spa! When your happy customers spread the word and appreciate your service with gifts, it will surely bring in new customers as it is proven that nothing spreads faster and better than word of mouth publicity. When people try out something new like a Spanish restaurant, they will undeniably go by something specific like the word of mouth publicity rather than going by a general newspaper review. You can even offer incentives like a free dinner or a spa day for your happy customers for referring new customers.

Mass mailer campaigns

Custom magnets are well suited for mass mailers as these are light weight, resilient and trendy. All you need is an email address and a bit of creativity to make sure that your logo gets the limelight. Customers will love to access the latest information of your company with these mailers. For instance if you are planning to promote the new menu of your seafood restaurant, consider using these seafood restaurant magnets. The generous imprint area of these magnets will have ample space to list out your signature dishes, special offers, discounts and much more. Hand these out at tradeshows or food fest to see new diners trooping into your eatery!

3.5x4 inch Square Corner Seafood Restaurant Magnets

Business Cards

Business cards are the classic ways to introduce any business. Paper business cards have a high risk of getting damaged, trashed or lost and this is where custom magnets business cards come to the picture. A customer will be literally stuck in the middle of nowhere without a business card as it carries all the essential details he can ever ask for including contact number, website, name and much more. Check out these custom real estate business cards that will make your business logo familiar among your customers. These attractive and long lasting business card magnets remain securely stuck to the refrigerator doors or filing cabinets of the customers and will never get misplaced unlike paper cards. Show the customer how easy and pleasant it is to avail your services and leave a great first impression for them to come back for more!

Custom 2x3.5 Real Estate Business Card Magnets Round Corner 25 mil

Promotional activities like these are easy on your wallets and will help you to reach out to potential client base easily. So, if a shoe string budget is what worries you this season, the above tips should cheer you up. We bet these really work!