Promotional Magnets For Restaurant Business- A Few Tips

Refrigerator magnets have always been effective handouts to promote food companies, caterers or restaurants. One reason for the immense popularity could be the fact that refrigerators are traditionally associated with food and every time they see your contact details gazing at them, they will surely call your number if they have unexpected guests or are in a mood to skip the mundane cooking chores.2x2.88 Custom Printed Dinner Plate Setting Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Keep Your Contact Details at Easy Access
Refrigerator magnets keep your contact details at easy access unlike conventional paper cards which your customers have to hunt around everytime they need to place orders for their take away. Your recipients will have the convenience of instant reference as these custom magnets sit right in front of them 24 x 7!

Subtle promotions
Custom magnets do not irritate your recipients like many other marketing options like phone calls, emails or flyers. These delightful freebies are something everyone likes not just to dress up their bland refrigerator doors and to add a speck of color to their spaces but also to hold up their family snaps or kid’s artwork. No matter what makes magnets a favorite collectible among your recipients, the fact remains that your promotional message imprinted on these will never fail to grab the attention of the people around. Every time they have guests at home, these attractively customized magnets will set off word of mouth publicity as well.2.75x2.62 Custom Chinese Food Box Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Impress your customers
Subtle yet highly visible whenever the recipients need, logo magnets have changed the way marketers push their brands. As these magnets gaze down from the refrigerator doors at the restaurants or pizzerias, your logo and message will leave a lasting impression in the minds of your diners. Restaurant marketers can even include these custom magnets along with mailers or newsletters to make a tangible connection with their privileged customers. These can also be used as thank you gifts or loyalty coupons to keep your existing clientele in your fold.

Be creative with the Design
Make sure that your logo magnets stand out from the rest. Choose from our exciting range of shaped magnets to promote your eatery. For instance a pizza shaped magnet will make a great option to promote your pizzeria while the dinner plate shaped custom magnets or the Chinese food box shaped magnets will make excellent options to promote any restaurant.

Environmentally aware businesses can make use of a recycled paper card on their magnets to highlight their cause and business message alike. Options are all yours when you are at custommagnets direct. All you need to do is pick up a magnet that will complement your business, personalize it in the appropriate color theme and distribute to set the ground for a long lasting promotion at easy rates.

How to personalize
The optimum usage of space is of paramount importance while personalizing a magnet. Imprint the relevant contact information including a strong call for action, a snap shot, QR codes or infact anything that you will find interesting and valuable to your target audience. A snapshot of your signature dishes or the top selling pizzas, cakes or sandwich will all grab the attention of the hungry buyers in no time.