Promotional Magnets Never Fail to Generate Excitement

Custom magnets are here to stay forever if the popularity of these logo items is any indication. Did you know that an average household will retain a fridge magnet for six to eight years?  Magnets have one of the lowest costs per impressions, which will further drive up the popularity of these logo items. Just think about the exposure your magnets will get everytime your customers visit the refrigerator or open that filing cabinet in the office. The bright brand imprints and handy contact details will remind them that you are at their service.

Here are some of the benefits of Promotional refrigerator magnets that some people may miss out.

Easy to customize:Full color promotional magnets can carry your brand, message and call to action flawlessly. It is a great way to spread your brand image among both new and existing customers. Your brand on custom magnets will never go out of sight and will always remain firmly in the minds of your recipients.

Endless choices:  Magnets are available in a range of interesting shapes and models, which make it a cut above the rest of custom products.  House shaped magnets or pizza shaped magnets are all brilliant examples to show that a successful branding exercise can be so simple yet interesting. You don’t even have to wrack your brain to find the right slogan or tagline to draw the interest of the audience when you have a shaped magnet in hand.

6x4.75 Custom House Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Easy to distribute: No matter whether you wish to use it as mailer gifts or tradeshow swag or store promotional items, custom magnets will make a great choice. The incredible choices on offer has made refrigerator magnets one of the serious contenders in the list of the most popular promotional giveaways.

Outdoor car magnets

Car magnets will make a high potential portable advertisement for marketers to reach out to their target audience and to remind people who you are in their hour of need. Car magnets enjoy a high visibility no matter whether your business vehicle is stationery, moving or stuck in the traffic. Customize it with your logo, contact details and call to action message to prompt the users to make that quick, first call.

Magnetic clips

Magnetic clips not just put your brand on display on the fridge doors of your recipients but will make a handy way to hold their papers, bills, reminders and shopping lists. It will make a clever way to get your recipients back to your logo more often.

Calendar magnets: Hand out a yearly calendar along with your brand and keep your audience engaged with your brand for 365 days with custom calendar magnets!

Shop from our complete line of custom magnets and get more value for your promotional dime.