Custom Car Magnets- Put Your Brand on A High- Speed Curve

Business owners always try to invent fresh and unique ideas to promote their business and services. Custom car magnets make a great option to get your message across to your audience on minimum investment. Custom car magnets make great automobile marketing ideas that every marketer will love to explore.

12x18 Custom Magnetic Car and Truck Signs Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners

Vehicles travel far and wide and these magnetic signs will effectively spread your message and ensure unmatched exposure for your brand.


The best part of car magnets is that it can be used on vehicles that you already have. These budget friendly marketing tools are easy to use and will literally transform the vehicles into a moving signboard. Sticking a full color magnet on the vehicles will bring in a speck of beauty and color to the vehicles and will ensure a fresh appeal. You will be surprised at the impact that these custom magnets will bring towards the plain and boring vehicles in your fleet to make it eye catching. The best part is that these logo magnets can be easily removed and placed without causing any damage to the surface of the vehicle, which means that these can be applied in different vehicles of your fleet at different times without any repeat investment.

Targeted promotion

Custom car magnets will ensure a highly targeted brand promotion as you can take your message right into your target audience to ensure the best results.  Car magnets will make your truck a high visibility billboard that will reach its target demographics without having to wait for your audience to see the advertisement to yield results.  Your brand logo on these vehicle magnets will get a lot of attention from your customers and will drive up the brand identity. Car magnets will ensure repeated brand impressions and regular exposure to your advertisement without any concerted effort or investment.

Full color car magnets can be personalized by imprinting high resolution images and message that will attract the attention of your potential customers and create visual interest. The best part is that custom car magnets can be removed and applied as needed. Designed to bear the outdoor weather elements with a wide grin, car magnets will retain its color clarity and beauty for a long time.

Here are some custom car magnet models that you would love to make your marketing tools.

Magnetic Car and Truck Signs Magnetsbacked with strong magnet and reliable UV coating will make a great choice to leave an emphatic impression among your audience. The large size and the generous imprint area of these logo items will make it a great branding billboard. Customize  these Magnetic Car and Truck Signs Magnets  with your brand and message to announce a new location or special deals among others.Car Sign Oval Shape Magnets on the other hand will make a great choice to grab easy attention. Customize it with your social message, logo or artwork to impress your audience.

Wish to make your advertisement well seen? Car Sign Ball Shape Outdoor Magnets will make great choices. Customize it cleverly and you have a logo magnet that is made to win! Put your message in front of the motorists with these attractiveCar Bumper Sign Magnets the low cost Vs high visibility will help these magnets earn some brownie points.

Need more? Browse our collection of custom car magnets and add wheels to your branding campaign. Should you need any tips, we are only a call away!