Shaped Magnets Help Your Brand Stand Out

It is challenging  for brands to stay ahead in the tough competition of the retail market.  This is where innovative promotional products like shaped magnets  becomes very crucial in the marketing process.

Choosing popular handouts like custom magnets available in a wide range of popular shapes would enhance your brand visibility. Get your brand ahead of the game this Spring season by including some top notch giveaways. Promotional magnets are a great way to start.

Visually appealing

The adorable shapes in which these full color shaped magnets are available is the first and foremost selling point. One look at these lovable magnets will make anyone want to collect it all. Customize with your logo, and artwork to instantly capture customers’ attention. Interestingly magnets customized with designs not just pique the interest of young customers, but capture the attention of even adults.


Choose from a wide range of shapes to complement your product line or business theme to leave a lasting impression. From vehicle shaped magnets to those shaped like food products, trees and fruits- you will find anything under the sun , literally in shaped magnets! Needless to say, this is the closest that you can reach in displaying your products on your promotional magnets.

Bring in the surprise factor

Moreover , your custom magnets grab customer’s attention easily. So, come up with a branding statement and artwork to go into the giveaways, so that  the customers find it hard to say no to. The bottom line is to make it unique and interesting.


 Magnets are not just for displaying your logo and artwork. It can even be used to provide other important information like CPR tips or local events to your prospects. It will surely enhance the value of these giveaways and the staying power alike. More the utility, more will be the engagement of the audience with these magnets and hence people will become more familiar with the brand and the product.


These full color magnets are undoubtedly eye-catching. Furthermore, the  interesting shapes and the perfect detail presentation will also make it elegant and aesthetically pleasing.  There’s no denying that these custom magnets will indeed stand out on fridge doors; so will be your brand!

 Cool Giveaway Items

Promotional magnets are low budget and popular marketing staples. Customers appreciate them, especially when it is beneficial for them. Apart from being a lovely fridge decor item that will add a pop of fun colors to the spaces, it makes a handy place to fix their daily reminders and cooking recipes as well! So, by investing in these popular handouts , you  can create stronger customer loyalty and brand retention.

Every time your recipients see your message on these magnets, they will be reminded about your brand and hence will be inspired to check out your stores. Giving away shaped magnets is indeed a smart strategy to make  customers come back for more. 

The big plus is that these versatile magnets can be used as awareness giveaways, or even fund raising items. No matter how you wish to deploy these marketing tools into your promotional plan, you are all set to get a great and long lasting result.

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