Why Businesses Invest in Shaped Magnets

Your business is unique, so you need exceptional promotional giveaways like shaped magnets.

This is why you should think beyond the basic shapes of rectangles or squares and consider interestingly shaped magnets that are more  unique. These logo magnets will grab easy attention of your customers, and will encourage them to place it on the fridge doors for a long time.

 Here are some popular models in custom magnets that you can consider.

Football shaped Magnets

As the football frenzy is at its crescendo, there cant indeed be a better giveaway like football shaped magnets to engage your football loving audience. Football is obviously one of the most popular games to watch. With the super bowl excitement  high in the air, business owners can advertise their message while celebrating football  season with these magnets.

Shaped like real football, these custom magnets will make heads turn easily. Add not just your logo, but consider other interesting information like the home team’s schedule. It will make it more value added. Did you know that magnets will end up as game day souvenirs even after the football season? Thus your brand will get long term visibility at one time investment.

State Shaped Magnets

Businesses that wish to highlight the local presence and state pride can invest in these magnets in the shapes of various states .  Customize with your brand , message or artwork  to make it unique. Schools, banks and business corporations can use these magnets. It is a great way to impress the local audience and enhance the customer base in the community.  Moreover, it is a fun way to show the local pride!

Food Shaped Magnets

Check out these interesting food magnets that will pique interest among the audience and will make them hungry  for more information- literally! It is useful for various types of businesses and not just the restaurant industry considering its incredible popularity. For instance , farmers’ markets can advertise their message with a pumpkin shaped refrigerator magnet.  Likewise , cake shaped magnets can be used to spread the word of a bake sale. Options are all yours when you have versatile handouts like custom shaped magnets.

Vehicle Shaped Magnets

Vehicle shaped magnets arouse curiosity in anyone who sees it! The best part is that these full color magnets are not just for car dealerships or auto stores but useful for other industries as well. Choose form a wide range of shapes like vans, bikes, fire engines and more to complement your branding theme. Moreover, these will literally drive home your message in style.Your prospects will never miss the message and artwork on these magnets.

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