Share Your Message Or Raise Awareness With Promotional Magnets

Did you know custom magnets can raise some serious awareness? Not many promotional items can match the charm of magnets for its massive imprint area and the ridiculously low price factor. Custom magnets are versatile promotional tools that can appease every genre of customers. The best thing is that you don’t have to be embarrassed for having chosen the wrong size, color or model while buying promotional magnets unlike other gifts.

How to employ custom magnets for your promotions? Here are some random ideas on how to employ custom magnets.

For awareness campaigns
Magnets make great tools to spread awareness on various special issues. From health awareness to child safety and accident prevention awareness, magnets can be customized for all these and more.

Here are some of our popular models that will make a lasting impression in your customers

Awareness Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners. These personalized awareness magnets can be employed for raising awareness for any cause that is dear to your heart. Budget friendly and unique, custom magnets will draw easy attention to the social issues imprinted on these and will ensure adequate support for your cause. Our free design assistance and free full color printing will allow investors to design these custom magnets with maximum impact. No matter whether you are an individual, a start-up company or a big organization looking to raise awareness of any issues, look no further than these custom magnets

Fund raising events: The low sticker price of magnets will make these perfect fund raising items for schools, community programs and non-profit organizations. Imprint your logo and message on these and see how these low cost items will let you raise funds for your events. Ribbon shaped magnets, or heart shaped magnets are all good options to consider in this segment.

For business promotions
Custom magnets are available in a wide range of models including calendar magnets, business card magnets, outdoor car magnets and shaped magnets among others to promote a wide range of businesses.

Budget friendly and attractive, custom magnets make ideal promotional tools for all round the year. Imprint your message and logo on these light weight and portable promotional tools that are well suited for handing out during tradeshows or mass mailer campaigns.

We have magnets that can be customized for almost all types of business. Here are a few examples:

Insurance magnets Today, people are eager to insure their homes, cars, health and life which mean there are plenty of business opportunities for insurance services. Referrals bring back clients for most insurance companies and these custom magnets play an important role in building relationships with clients.3.25x3 Custom Big Heart Shape Health Insurance Magnets 20 Mil

Custom legal magnets Law firms operate in a highly competitive market and to attract and retain their clients, lawyers often come up with interesting promotional techniques like employment of promotional magnets. By imprinting the address, name and specialty services, lawyers can leave these attractive and long lasting business cards for their clients. Lawyers get most business through referrals and these custom law magnets help businesses to make a difference through a personal branding rather than generic and expensive mass branding.2x3.5 Custom Printed Law Firm Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Restaurant magnets: Make the best use of the holiday season by spreading your message, special cuisine details and deals with these full color promotional law magnets. Keep your contact details at easy-to-find places on these attractive magnets, which double up as a refrigerator art. Many of these custom magnets also offer regular assistance as daily calendars or service lists, etc. Choose from our fabulous selection comprising of restaurant calendar magnets, bar magnets, bakery business cards, catering and restaurant magnets among many others.3.5x4 Custom Asian Restaurant Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners