Sports Schedule Magnets- Best way to Win your Promotional Games

Your favorite football team may not always win but your marketing will – when you have popular swag like custom football schedule magnets.

Capitalize on the football passion of your fans with these full color sports schedule magnets as fans follow their favorite teams whole heartedly.

Advanced Personalization

Include custom sports magnets into your marketing plan to offer something your prospects will look at and use all season long. Add your logo, message and artwork along with the sports schedules of the home team to engage your clients the whole season. Football schedule magnets offer countless opportunities for making leads, retaining customers and enhancing brand awareness.

The full color imprint option will make these custom magnets a visual delight; make it stand out from the fridge doors of your recipients to leave a lasting statement. Our sports schedule designs come with extensive customization options. Personalize any schedule with your name, photo, business logo, and contact info. For a polished look, personalize the font and colors to match your professional brand image.

Celebrate Team Spirit

Let the fans cheer on their favorite team and celebrate team spirit with these popular magnets that are available for both indoor and outdoor use. These logo magnets can also be used as fund raising items to raise funds for the local sports clubs this season.

Turn football fans into loyal business clients in a subtle way with these American made, factory direct football schedule magnets for both pro and college teams. Fuel the passion of football of your clients and employees by giving them a schedule of their favorite team and put your outdoor marketing in top gear with these soccer schedules. If you have been looking for proven yet budget friendly handouts to catch clients all season long, there can’t be a better choice than custom football schedule magnets.

We bet, all the football fans are sure to remember you all season while you get a higher business stakes. While conventional promotions like billboards or online adverts can be exorbitantly costly, sports schedule magnets make simpler and more affordable way to get your marketing message across to customers.

These modest yet potent marketing tools will make a great addition to your advertising arsenal. Just think of the exposure your brand imprinted on these magnets will get every time your recipients open their fridge doors. It happens -at least 50 times in a day!

Do not  miss the game day excitement! Get started by exploring our complete line of custom football schedule magnets.

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