Drive Home your Message The Best Way With Real Estate Magnets

Promoting your real estate business can be easier said than done as it requires time, effort, and creativity. Custom real estate magnets will make a great choice to make consistent brand impressions.

Realtor promotions involve longer lead times and a lot of follow ups and maintaining personal business relations. So, you may need to connect with your prospects many times for years on end before you make conversions. To get the maximum outcome, realtors can even combine different business strategies at the same time. It will extend even beyond pushing your business cards or making a cold call. Custom real estate magnets pique interest among the clients and above all set off word of mouth publicity.

Hard to resist football schedule magnets

Nobody can resist the fun and thrill of football season. So, for businesses, can there be a better way to stay in touch with your valuable clients than handing out sports schedule magnets that will make your brand part of their passion. It will make a subtle way to remind your customers about the reason for choosing your business.

The best part is that there are plenty of choices when it comes to sports magnets including football shaped magnets and rectangle magnets.  Customize these by adding a complete list of schedule along with your logo and contact information.

Real estate football schedule magnets are an excellent addition to any marketing mix Apart from ensuring real value for the recipients in the form of a handy sports schedule in an attractive magnet form, these enjoy a high retention.

Make a Lasting Impression with house shaped magnets

The best real estate marketing should stick with your prospects for a while. Because most realtor deals may not happen  overnight.  House shaped magnets make an easily recognizable reminder of your business. Add your logo and a great tagline that people will remember. It will make a great promotional item that recipients will hold on to for a long time and refer to on a regular basis. You can even include money saving tips while buying houses. It will make these custom magnets more informative and engaging for the audience.

Calendar magnets – 365 days of brand building!

Custom real estate calendar magnets are something your recipients hold on to for the whole year. While a business card might get discarded or misplaced, calendar magnets get assured display on their fridge doors. The best part is that your recipients will refer calendar magnets many times a day as they plan their holidays, meetings and daily schedules. These full color magnets that enjoy a prominent placement on the fridge door will make a great billboard for your business for a whole year and even beyond if you have a great custom design on it!

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