A Few Essential Reasons To Use Custom Magnets for Branding

Custom magnets are fun, long lasting and above all easily customizable.

Magnets have been part of the life style of humans for a long time. However, today, magnets have evolved to be powerful marketing tools than for just sticking reminders, shopping lists or kid’s artwork on the fridge door.

In this  blog post, let us discuss about some of the best ways for marketers to use custom magnets.


Custom magnets are available in a wide range of models including  the most popular refrigerator magnets. It became popular around the middle of the 20th Century and was originally used as a teaching aid and an interesting way to get kids learn numbers and alphabets . Later on magnets were used as travel souvenirs and mementos at tourist destinations. Fridges worldwide soon became a  showcase of these full color travel magnets, which even became the hottest talking topic among friends.

Fridge magnets  hit the zenith of its popularity in the 1990s when writer Dave Kapell wrote down inspiring words  to get over his writer’s block. These pieces of paper held in place with magnets on the back on his fridge sparked curiosity among his friends. This was the inspiration for Kapell to create Magnetic Poetry®, which has sold over three million kits till date word over!

Remarkable Ways To Use Custom Magnets

Magnets are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, which makes it easy to deploy these full color magnets in every promotional plan.

Here are some ideas for inspiration

Boost Brand Awareness

Make your brand more popular with custom magnets. It is a creative and strong way to keep your brand top of mind of the audience. Just think, how many times your ideal customer will see a bit of your brand every time they open the fridge in a day!

Popular models like business card magnets will reserve a strategic spot on the fridge doors to make a consistent reminder of your brand. If you have been bogged down by paper business cards that fail to make consistent impressions in your audience, switch to these magnetic counterparts.

As Freebies

Pop a free custom magnet into every package to thank your customers. Your recipients will pop it onto their fridge for everyone to see, giving your brand amazing visibility. Make sure to create an interesting magnet that your recipients want to add to their whiteboards or fridges.

As organizational tools

 Handy custom magnet models like calendar magnets will make a handy way for your recipients to stay organized. Having a monthly calendar onto the fridge will be very useful for your recipients to plan their holidays, schedules and day at work. Needless to say, your brand imprinted on these handouts will get a grand display!

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