Tips For Buying Custom Save the Date Magnets

If you are planning a big wedding and have to deal with a pretty big guest list, custom save the date magnets will come handy. It will help  the couple to prevent unwanted expenses on food and venue as  their guests will never forget to attend the event. These full color custom magnets will serve as constant reminder of the event, and will ensure you a well-attended event.

What  makes Save the date wedding magnets a great choice!

Save the date magnets will  help the bride and groom of the hassle of going through the guest list and coordinating with them. These full color logo magnets not only serve the purpose of  reminding the guests to come; but will also enhance the wedding theme. Available in various themes and shapes, save the date magnets can be customized the way you wish. Plus, it will clear the calendar of your guests; as they wont have any reason to forget when they see the magnet every time they go to the refrigerator.

Wedding  is a truly special event for everyone. Make sure that everyone on your guest list turn up for the event, by handing out these full color magnets that are too impressive to overlook. Moreover, it will also help those guests who cannot attend the event to send back their RSVPs to let you know of it. It will go a long way in saving the resources; and plugging unwanted expenses on the wedding day.

Budget friendly

As with anything else, save the date magnets  are cheap as chips when you order in bulk. So, you can send these out to everyone on your list without feeling the pinch. Logo magnets will never be  discarded; as these double up as beautiful keepsakes. In fact it is  like giving your guests a small wedding favor even before the wedding.

The best part is that you get to choose from a wide range of shapes, that will fit your wedding theme. For instance, if you are planning a beach themed wedding, you can choose the sand and sea themed magnets whereas a heart shaped save the date magnet will be a great choice for a Valentine’s Day wedding. Options are all yours when it comes to save the date magnets.

Save the date magnets are an economical tool to spread the word. They can be customized to display essential information; such as the date and venue of the event contact details and something more that you wish to tell your guests. It could even be a cute artwork of the couple or a romantic quote!

Easy to customize

Make your save the date magnets one of its type by adding a great design or  tagline. Moreover , a creatively designed magnet will easily make its way to your recipient’s fridge doors to remain there for a long time. Afterall, who doesn’t love to mount and display an interesting image on their fridge or filing cabinets?  So, choose attractive font styles and color themes on the magnets for maximum visual impact. Ideally use artwork that will convey your message in a subtle, yet strong way. Interested in custom save the date magnets? Explore our collection to get started

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