Top Benefits of Using Shaped Magnets As Marketing Tools

In today’s highly competitive business world, businesses look for innovative ways to market their products. So, if you wish to get your message across in a sure fire way shaped magnets will make a great choice. These are powerful marketing tools that will help you to get your brand stand out in the crowd.

Shaped magnets are also available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. So, add your logo, message and artwork in full color on these full color magnets to create eye-catching promotional items that customers want to display on their metal surfaces.

Here are some benefits of Custom shaped magnets that will help you to boost sales, build brand awareness, and enhance customer loyalty.


Customers can use shaped magnets for various purposes. Whether your recipients use it to hold pictures, reminders or shopping lists or use it as decorative items , custom shaped magnets will definitely make an interesting reference item for your business. Your recipients will never miss your message on it. Being highly engaging, these custom magnets can also further strengthen customer loyalty and build a relationship with your brand.


Magnets last long and look great . In addition, it will stay firm on any magnetic surface like fridge doors. The high quality imprint will keep your message in plain view of the audience for a long time . Moreover, logo magnets involve no maintenance, making them ideal for long-lasting promotions.

Repetitive branding at one time investment

Custom magnets can raise brand awareness by displaying your logo or message on them. It will create a constant visual reminder of your brand to engage the customers on a regular basis. Thus your recipients are more likely to remember the company and consider it while making purchasing decisions. These magnets are great for promotions and awareness events in any theme. For instance, if you wish to promote your pizzeria, you can choose pizza magnets that will make your message more palatable and interesting. Moreover, it will add a fun twist to the promotions by being non-intrusive and engaging at the same time.  

Easy to distribute

Marketers can easily distribute these custom magnets directly to their target customers in their shopping bags,  sent by direct mail to a specific audience, or given out as freebies at point-of-sale counters. You can even use shaped magnets as online contest prizes to generate buzz and engagement around your brand.

Ideal for Targeted promotions

Custom magnets are perfect for a highly targeted promotion without wasting time and money on the wrong audience. Further, you can choose magnets of  a specific shape that complements your theme and add specific designs or message to target a particular audience. For instance, a pet care business can choose paw magnets to attract their target audience.

Shaped magnets are a cost-effective and creative way to market your business. Long-lasting and easy to distribute, these logo magnets can help your brand stay top-of-mind to enhance customer loyalty. It is great to target specific audiences and promote repetitive branding that boost sales.

Wish to include custom shaped magnets to your marketing arsenal? Reach out to our team for assistance.

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