Top Reasons That Make Photo Magnets Great Business Boosters

If magnets are fun; photomagnets are double fun! These can be used for store promotions, milestone events and various other purposes. One of the best ways to advertise your brand picture frame magnets remain in plain view of your audience thereby enhancing your brand popularity. Conventional advertisements like TV ads and brochures though are highly costly have only a very short shelf life; they often fail to leave a lasting impression in the minds of your audience. However, picture frame magnets will sit on your refrigerator for a long time. They even hold reminders and little notes. Every time they cherish their personal snaps and personal moments your brand could be in the line of sight of your audience.

Picture frame magnets make a delightful fridge décor item. There is no limit on what you can get done with these. Put on your creative caps and choose a design that suits your business. Customize it with full color to make it noticed more often. Your recipients will surely love to show off a flashy magnet on their fridge door or filing cabinets that double up as a pretty photo frame.

Custom photo magnets make value added handouts that will bring long term exposure for your brand. Magnets last a long time without any damage or blemish. They can move with your recipients from house to house or can be shifted across any metallic gadgets. These make long lasting business cards for your brand that will stand the test of the time. If you are looking for a budget friendly custom gift to be included in your marketing mix, you can place your cards on custom magnets. Reusable and unbelievably cheap, magnets offer ample customization options to match your promotional theme as well.  Before you think of costlier logo items, give photo magnets a try. It will never fail to work for your brand.

Here are some of the models that will truly please you

Calendar Picture Frame Punch out Magnets 20 Mil These punch out magnets offer a stylish frame for the snaps of your clients plus a calendar all the while offering a great place for your brand. These budget friendly handouts will give a big boost to your branding.

7.25x5.5 Custom Calendar Picture Frame Punch out Magnets 20 Mil

Picture Frame Double Punch Magnets – Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Get your message outdoors with these attractive double punch outdoor magnets that will add an identity to your vehicles. These custom magnets are water repellent, UV safe and fade resistant, which will highlight your message for a long time to come. Why limit your brand promotions to a single neighborhood when you can spread your message far and wide with these car magnets?

7x4 Custom Picture Frame Double Punch Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

We have a lot more interesting models for you to consider. Explore and choose a model that matches your needs.