How to Market Your Brand with Custom Magnets

Promotional magnets ensure  a wider reach for businesses at one time investment. Budget friendly and popular, custom magnets will definitely make repeat impressions  for a long time; plus these will cost you just a fraction of the cost of most conventional advertisements like billboards or flyers.

Custom magnets for marketing are a proven way to gain brand exposure – without your information getting lost in the shuffle. Functional , long lasting and easy to distribute ,logo magnets offer the ultimate low-cost advertising per impression. Available in various models  like car magnets and fridge magnets, they also provide a ton of bang for your buck. In addition, magnets can be used to promote brands, announce events or even as fundraisers for a local organization, school and sports team, or church.

Discover the top Benefits of Using Custom Logo Magnets


Further, custom magnets make a great billboard for your brand at a very low price.  Just think of the impressions these magnets will make as your recipients display it on the refrigerator doors of your prospects. When you order in bulk, the price will come down further, to ensure a highly budget-friendly advertising tool for all types of branding purposes.

Attention grabbing

Custom magnets will obviously make a high visibility advertising option that people will never overlook. Customize your magnets with artwork to fit your specific needs and make your magnet stand out.


Likewise, custom magnets are highly dynamic, and will fit into all types of branding campaigns. It can be used to promote schools, sports teams, non-profit organizations, and so much more.  No matter how you wish to go about it, these full color magnets will not just spread your message, but make great souvenirs and team spirit swag.

Spread the word

Light weight and compact, custom magnets are easy to distribute as mailer items or even in person. The ease of distribution will indeed make magnets a great choice for targeted promotions. It will also get your message out into the community to create leads and repeat orders.

Plus, if you attend trade shows or any other business event, you can hand out custom magnets that will get your message into the attendees to engage them with your message in a subtle way. These full color magnets will also make repeat impressions and new leads.

Keep your message on top of the minds of your prospects

If you are looking for a cost effective way to keep your brand in front of customers and engage them with your message multiple times a day, look no further than custom magnets. These full color magnets will earn a prime display spot on the fridge doors or cars ,where your recipients will see your brand every single day. No matter whether you hand it as promotional giveaways, mailer items, or trade show swag, custom magnets will never stop working for your brand.

Custom Magnets Drive  Repeat Business

Magnet giveaways will even bring  customers back to your stores more often; and enhance your brand exposure alike. Just think of the interest that these full color magnets will evoke in the minds of your audience, as  they display it on your recipients fridge or car doors . It will indeed make your brand more popular.

Planning to make custom magnets your promotional swag? Browse our collection to choose a model that will meet your needs.

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