Top Tips To Customize Fund Raising Car Magnets

Car magnets make great fund raising items for non profits, charity organizations, schools, booster clubs and community organizations.  Here are some tips to turn car magnets into high profile fund raising items that will make your coffers ring!

5.5x3.5 Custom Oval Shaped Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

Use a catchy slogan

A catchy slogan will help you sell your cause better. Put on the thinking caps to do some brain storming; come up with the words that you want your buyers to never forget. Short and spicy taglines that put your cause in a nutshell are the best way to go about it. Choose the right buzz-words to make it sell!

Simplicity is the key

Do not squeeze in too much information on custom car magnets. Keep the message towards the middle of the magnet as the wordings around the edge may not be visible clearly. Try to get your message across to your audience in one glance. It will surely pay you off. Do not add a border around the badge edge as it may make the magnet look smaller further and deviate the attention of your audience from the actual image and message.

Go for Full color imprints

Full-color imprints are cheap as never before. Get your message imprinted in full color process to create a dramatic effect. Choose from a limitless range of colors and pick a color scheme that stands out from the crowd but is easy to read. The best colors are well contrasted but not eye piercing.

 Bigger Is Better

Choose car magnets that stand out. Once you have your slogan and your design, show it off in style over a brilliant background.  As you want your message to be seen and possibly read from a distance, choose magnets, big enough to be noticed.

 Spread the word

Consider how much your fund-raising target is and sell it on a higher profit. The best part- people who supports your cause may not consider the price tag as long as they are a getting a professional looking well customized car magnet for their vehicle. These make great collector’s items as well!

Start early

Even if you have the best fund raising magnets in town you will fall short of your target if you do not have time to sell these off and spread the word. Make sure to start early so that you can save time and money on rush charges. Do your time management and be sure on your rewards.

Good luck with your fund-raising campaign. If you have a better idea, do share it with us at our facebook page to join an interesting discussion.