Custom Magnets – Create Brands Not Just Advertisements

Wondering how to get more customers on a budget? Out of idea on how to reach out to your prospects? Try custom magnets that could significantly boost your marketing efforts. Why your business need these for business promotions? Read on to find some interesting tips.

3.5x4 Custom Refrigerator Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Custom magnets require only an upfront investment.

Unlike conventional advertisements like billboards or flyers, custom magnets do not involve an ongoing fee, renewal charges or maintenance costs. Once you get these magnets customized at a one-time investment you can use it at your leisure to reach out to your customers. The best part when you use popular models like car magnets, you can set out on a high pitch marketing- that too without doing anything other than simply driving your car around.


Magnets offer the ultimate flexibility for the marketers to distribute and customize these to suit the needs of the target audience.  Magnets can be customized as fund raising items, promotional handouts or even team spirit items. The incredible versatility of custom magnets makes them potent marketing tools in every promotional context!

Car magnets

You’d be amazed at the sheer number of people that see your vehicle every year. So, if your car spends a reasonable amount of time on the road every year, chances are that your message imprinted on car magnets will be seen by scores of people on the road. The bonus- you can easily stand out among your target audience by adding a custom sign to your car. It will create a lot of interest and identity to your business vehicles.

Businesses can put in or take off custom car magnets from their business vehicles to suit their promotional needs. Easy to attach, detach, and customize, these can be used in various vehicles at different times thereby helping you to stretch your promotional dollars. You can also remove them after duty hours to make it your personal vehicle.

Any business that requires direct, mobile service can use car magnets to spread the word. Everytime your sales and service vehicles are on the road, your brand will get noticed by a lot of fresh prospects and not just your audience.  Plumbers, contractors, electricians- the list of businesses that can benefit from car magnets is quite impressive.

Refrigerator magnets

The basic idea of any branding campaign is to get your audience remember your brand and services.  With custom refrigerator magnets on their fridge doors, your recipients won’t have any problem remembering your brand every time they need your products or services. Fridge magnets get a lot of facetime; every home will have at least 1 fridge and every time your recipients open it to get their grubs and beverages they will be seeing your brand up-close. Consistent exposure will reinforce your brand in their minds easily. With custom fridge magnets it’s hard to ignore your branding.

Getting custom magnets for your business is easier than you think. We can help you customize magnets for your branding and help you maximize your marketing ROI. Contact us for more details.