How to Sell More with Custom Magnets

Custom magnets are proven marketing tools that are here to stay for sure.

Whether it’s a business card magnet, car magnet or save the magnet, custom magnets are infact a popular way for businesses to increase brand recognition. Above all, custom magnets help you find new customers, and increase sales. So, how to use magnets to make more sales and win  more customers. These tips that will help you to use custom magnets to identify new customers and increase profits. 

Fundraising  events

Moreover, custom wholesale magnets are easy to use to support fundraising efforts. Choose from various models like car magnets or awareness magnets. Furthermore,  print your logo and social message to inspire people  to buy it and be part of this cause. You get advertising space on the magnet, while allowing a school or charity to raise funds. It’s a win-win!

Store promotions

Distribute custom magnets as freebies at the point of purchase. Your customers will be happy to get these factory direct, full color magnets with your brand and message.  It will make a great fridge decor item and a handy spot to keep their reminders and shopping lists. Just imagine the exposure your brand on these magnets will get during its shelf life. It is indeed mind blowing.

A well customized magnet will even make a great talking topic among your prospects and anyone who sees it.  Thus your message will indeed reach a wider audience than you think.    

Outdoor promotions on a budget

Outdoor car magnets are a cost-effective way for small or medium size businesses to promote their company. It will cost them only a fraction of conventional ads like print or TV ads . The best part is that car magnets will give marketers total freedom to execute a finely targeted promotions. All they need to do is drive around the vehicles in the targeted locality to make impressions. In fact, car magnets have a very long shelf life . Besides, car magnets can easily be reused on different vehicles thereby promoting your  business to thousands of potential customers each day.

Think about the potential! Any businesses like food trucks, pet groomers, locksmiths, plumbers, and handyman services can exploit the popularity of car magnets to get their message across. Car magnets are ridiculously cheap and provide tremendous opportunity for you to increase profits.

Printed magnets will help you to engage your customers with your brand to a whole new level. As you just saw, there are several creative ways to use custom magnets to achieve your marketing goals.  Reach out to our team for more interesting ways to incorporate magnets in your promotions.

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