How to Design Custom Car Magnets that Work

Car magnets are unique, portable and above all attention grabbing. Anything imprinted on these full color magnetic signs are hard to miss.

Available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, car magnets will draw easy attention of motorists and other potential clients.  Whether you wish to keep it fun and light hearted or seriously professional, these magnets will never fail to deliver your message into your target audience. Car magnets will easily make leads on the wheels.  Make it stand out nicely with some clever customization tips.

Less is more

Include only the most relevant information like logo, tagline and  contact number on these custom magnets. It will help your clients know who you are and what you do. Never cramp a lot of information into the tiny available space. It will only confuse the people who may see it and make you miss out on many business opportunities. In fact, use short and crispy taglines to make it memorable.

Choose the right size

Likewise, choose magnets of appropriate size to make it more effective. If you have a big logo or a long tagline, it is better to settle for big sized magnets that can accommodate your business information. Plus, the size of the magnet should match the available space on the vehicle as these are more likely to  be stuck on rear windows or side panel.

The letter sizes also matter. Choose a font size that is easy to read especially on a moving vehicle. Use full-color graphics to make your sign catchy and pique interest among the audience.

Shaped magnets are hard to miss!

Shapes play a critical role in car magnets as  they stand out from the conventional rectangle and square magnets to make a big difference. Choose shaped magnets that complement your product line or business theme. For instance, if you are a pet care center, paw shaped car magnets will be a great choice. It will draw the attention of the clients. To cut a long story short, be different to stand out from your competitors.

Choose Compelling messages !

Above all, your message should be concise and to the point while making it speak volumes about your brand. Convey clear and concise messages to market your business. Include a compelling  call to action message that will take your audience further ahead on their next course of action.

To sum up

Car magnets come in different shapes and sizes that will all look great on any vehicles like boat, car, truck, bike and many other strategic locations. Outdoor safe , removable and long lasting, car magnets will indeed take your marketing plan to a new level.

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