Use Custom Magnets As Go-To Promotional Swag

Promoting your brand is crucial for any business. However, finding the right marketing tool is the game-changer. A  highly effective and practical  handout can be custom magnets. Wonder why? Here are some reasons why they make incredible marketing tools


Logo magnets like car magnets are always on the move unlike traditional advertising; which is stationary and limited to a specific area. Car magnets with your full color message will pique curiosity in the minds of the audience. Besides it will travel wherever your recipients go. Thus your message will get a wider exposure as your customers drive around their vehicles sporting these full color magnets. In fact, custom magnets generate one of the highest numbers of impressions than any other promotional item.

Easy to customize

Magnets are highly customizable. So, marketers can make it as creative and eye catching as they wish. Whether you wish to add your logo, message or artwork or something more; custom magnets will offer a perfect canvas that reflects your brand identity. You can also choose from a wide range of models and shapes in custom magnets to make bespoke marketing swag that is more appealing and relevant. Make sure to keep your branding elements, such as your logo and company name in such a way as to make it easy to read.


Custom magnets are an affordable marketing tool, unlike traditional advertising methods. The costs per impression of magnets are significantly lower than that of TV or radio ads, making it an excellent option for small businesses and startups. In addition, logo magnets are long lasting, which means that your brand will get long-term exposure on these magnets.


Custom magnets are useful in a variety of promotional settings, which amps up the promotional scope. Whether you wish to promote healthcare, education, financial services, retail or construction, custom magnets will make a great choice.

With the right design and branding, a branded magnet can be a versatile and long-lasting way to  get your message across to a wider audience to generate a high return on investment.

Magnets are Practical

Custom magnets are useful for recipients to pin up their reminders and shopping lists. It will even double up as fridge décor items that will keep  your logo and information in plain sight of the audience. These are easy to take off and apply and your recipients will enjoy the fun of taking it wherever they please. Be it on the fridge doors, filing cabinets or cars, logo magnets make interesting embellishments that add a pop of color to the gadgets and make the spaces more interesting.

Summing up

Logo magnets are indeed an effective way to get your brand noticed. Unlike other promotional items that are likely to be lost or forgotten, magnets are functional items that people will use regularly. Every time someone sees these logo magnets they will be aware of your brand and will even  talk about it to others.

So, how do you think custom magnets will enhance your promotional potential. Share your ideas with us  in the comments section below.

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