What Makes Custom Magnets Powerful Business Promotional Handouts?

Promotional magnets can be effectively used for promoting brands, awareness drives, call to action or for fund raising events. Budget friendly and easy to distribute, these logo items are great for mass promotions and the best part is that these custom items will last a long time in the hands of your recipients. Marketers will surely find it as a long lasting and effective logo item that can be employed in countless promotional contexts.4x6 Custom Refrigerator Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

But have you ever thought about how these magnets make useful items for the recipients? Here are a few reasons that make magnets well retained items

  • Magnets stick to any surface and these can hold little notes, artwork or cards just like a bulletin board.
  • Business owners often imprint emergency numbers, calendars or safety tips on these to add up to its popularity.
  • Employees will find these magnets a ready reference tool of their schedules and daily tasks
  • College students can use it as a bulletin board without the risk of damaging the wall.

Magnets are available in various shapes
Probably the biggest advantage of custom magnets is their diverse shapes and sizes, which means there is something for everyone. Magnets make extremely popular handouts during awareness drives and the stock shaped magnets like ribbon or puzzle will tell the audience about autism prevention campaign without you having to resort to lengthy texts. Be it as business cards, refrigerator magnets or car magnets, magnets stand out for their sheer variety of choices3.5x8 Custom Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners clos

Low cost advantage
Custom magnets make excellent fund raising items as these are available at ridiculously low rates, which can be sold at a higher price to mobilize funds. Bulk orders carry discounts and attractive price savings, which will bring down the rates even further.

Magnets are born crowd pleasers
Colorful, attractive and always in use, magnets are hard to resist and can be employed as mailer items. Light weight and easy to distribute , magnets are always well received.

Magnets are for a life time
Designed to last long, magnets enjoy a high retention and every time your recipients see these attractive color printed magnets, they will be reminded of your business. Easy to store, magnets will never go out of trend and can be effectively employed during the next season even if you end up with surplus stock.

Magnets not just make attractive billboards for businesses on shop windows, refrigerator magnets and filing cabinets. These can be customized as calendars, safety tips magnets, menu cards, local phone directory and much more. So, can you think of a better promotional item at this cost?