Why Every Business Should Have These Custom Magnets In Their Marketing Mix

The most effective marketing tools are visible everywhere- at home, office and on the move. Custom magnets make a perfect example of such a marketing tool. In addition, custom magnets are flexible as these can be attached and detached as needed, which lets your recipients to stick it on prominent surfaces at  home or on their car or office billboard. So, can there be a better way to reinforce your brand in a budget friendly way?

Magnets ensure substantial return on your investment and can be used for all types of businesses. Here are four magnets every business should have in their promotional plan. Take a look.

Business Card Magnets

Business cards are must have for any business and magnetic business cards are long lasting and available in various sizes and shapes to match your business theme. While paper cards are easily damaged or misplaced, these magnetic cards will stay in plain view of your prospects on the fridge doors or filing cabinets, thereby keeping your business information right on top of their minds. Budget friendly and light weight, these are easy to use as mailer items or with swag bag items as well. Add a bit of magnetism to your promotion with these logo items and stand out.

Bakery Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Custom Car Magnets

Earn your business high visibility on the road at a fraction of the cost of traditional outdoor promo items like billboards. You are not limited to just one area – whenever your car is mobile your marketing sign will also move to a fresh location, thereby making fresh brand impressions. The best part is that these full color custom outdoor car magnets never stop working – even if you’re just parked on the street, stuck in the traffic or on the move. Another big plus is that these are temporary and easy to remove when you need to. You can even turn your business vehicles into personal vehicles by simply detaching these magnets.

Football Shape Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 35 Mil

 Custom Calendar Magnets

As we are already in the middle of the year, it is yet again time for businesses to think of custom calendar as a simple gift or a corporate giveaway. Wall calendars are passé and may take up a lot of space. Calendar magnets on the other hand will make an easy way to track days and dates. These have quite rightly earned their place on every home’s fridge door and even help them stay organized with reminders and shopping lists!

Announcement Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Refrigerator magnets

Refrigerator magnets are an easy and most effective way to get your brand right into your customer’s house. Personalize these attractive full color magnets with your brand, message and other useful information to keep your audience engaged with your brand. Every time they open their fridge doors- which can happen many times a day- their familiarity with your brand will go up.Fridge magnets indeed will make a constant reminder for your prospects that they don’t have to look far to get in touch with you.

Custom Van Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Choose one or shop for all these four crowd pleasers to get more leads. We can help you customize these in style to leave a lasting impression.