Why Is It Important To Make Your Custom Magnets Visually Appealing?

Custom magnets are popular items in the marketing mix in any business promotion. Magnets are simple, fun and above all long lasting. To make your custom magnets attractive, here are a few tips to consider.3x5 Custom Flower Bouquet Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Say it in a few words!
Short and sweet messages get registered in the minds of your recipients’ more than long texts. That is the reason why the 140 character, pint sized tweet messages have become popular. So, what made tweets popular should surely give an edge to your marketing message as well. Do not clutter the imprint space with a lot of text and image that will only leave the recipients confused. Get your message out to your recipients in the smartest and shortest way possible with these custom magnets. At times an artwork, a short slogan or even an emoticon can say a lot about your message!

A strong visual design is the trump card of magnets
Magnets often end up on refrigerator doors or filing cabinets that may already have a few other magnets. So when you compete for space the best way to grab the attention of the onlookers will be to stand out with an interesting design or attractive colors. Bland and boring magnets will get easily trashed to make way for other interesting magnets.

Colors and images are important
Let’s be frank about it! We are living in a visually appealing world and people will obviously look for gifts that are eye pleasing and have a visual punch. Every time your recipients see this image, they will be reminded of your brand. The curious twist and the attractive colors will add up to the charm of these handouts.

Choose a whimsical font
Quirky fonts will grab the attention of people right away. Interesting catch phrases, slogans and fun element will make custom magnets effective. So, make sure to engage your customers in a light hearted dialogue with your message and we bet, by the time they flip through the content, they would have made up their mind to check your brand out!

Toot your own horn
It is perfectly alright to brag about your business at times. A catchy vintage phone and your phone number is all it takes to get your message out. You can even spice it up with slogans like “top in town”, “nothing but the best” or something that sums up your business in style.

Make sure not to stuff too many words or use a prominent sales pitch as subtle messages are likely to get the best attention. Make it fun and interesting so that your recipients will love to keep these magnets on their fridge for a very long time. So, what are you waiting for? Put on your creative caps and if you think you are not making much headway, call our product specialists and make sure that your custom magnets turn out to be the way you want!