What are the best occasions for marketers to use Custom Magnets?

Custom magnets are popular, budget friendly and long lasting gift ideas that every marketers might have used sometime or the other to get their message out. Here are a few solid reasons why custom magnets make popular hand outs and the smartest ways to employ them.2.6875x2.25 Promotional Awareness Ribbon Shape Magnets 20 Mil

If you need to enhance your brand visibility and goodwill, custom magnets are the best and simplest options to consider. Magnets enjoy a high staying power and in places of high traffic like refrigerator doors or filing cabinets, which in turn will mean that anything imprinted on these will never fail to grab the attention of the users.

Attractive designs and full color imprint options will all make these custom magnets great promotional items for all types of businesses. The best part is that these budget friendly promotional items will ensure more value for your promotional dime and ensure long lasting impressions.

Now here is a quick overview of the most appropriate occasions to use these magnets for maximum impact and success during your promotions.3.25x3.125 Custom Printed Paw Shaped School Magnets 25 Mil

These are great for mass events like tradeshows and mailer campaigns as magnet are light weight and easy to carry and distribute. Ideal for budget promotions, magnets can be purchased in bulk as these will not take up much storage space as well.

Commemorative tokens for special events
Magnets make perfect commemorative tokens for special events such as ordinations, anniversaries, weddings and more. Imprint your message and logo to personalize it so that your recipients will truly cherish these. Custom magnets are great for families, friends, employees or business patrons as tokens of appreciation. Every time they see these attractive magnets they will feel truly special for being part of the special occasion.

Business Promotions
Businesses trying to promote their message will find custom magnets a perfect choice considering the fact that magnets are available in a range of shapes and sizes to cater the specific needs of the marketers. Be it the car magnets or shaped magnets that can include anything from pizza to heart and paws among others, custom magnets enjoy a long shelf life and will have a high residual impact among your recipients.

Awareness campaigns
Magnets are one of the most popular handouts for raising awareness on social issues and causes. We have an exclusive range of awareness magnets including the ever popular ribbon magnets that can be effectively used to raise awareness on cancer or as fund raising items. Magnets have a generous imprint area that can carry all your message and logo and every time these gaze down at your recipients from the filing cabinets and refrigerator doors, they will be reminded of your logo. These tangible gifts will make your recipients feel part of the cause and will spread the word earnestly.