Why marketers should invest in Custom fridge magnets during promotions

Printed fridge magnets are a fabulous way to build up  a buzz and spread the word about their business. Every marketer should invest in these high-visibility, promotional fridge magnets to make their logo popular among their audience!

Wondering what makes custom fridge magnets a highly effective marketing swag? Here are some winning traits of custom magnets that most people often overlook

Easy to distribute

Pop a custom magnet in the envelope of your business mailers, invoice copies or newsletters to enhance the value of your communication and add a surprise element to your mailer campaign. You can also leave a  bunch of magnets for your prospects at the billing desk  or distribute these visually appealing magnets at trade shows, festivals, local events. You can even include these in the product packages at the point of sale!


Custom magnets are cheap, lightweight and fun to customize. Plus these are available in a wide range of interesting shapes and sizes that are hard to miss. After all, everyone loves a little free giveaway and these colorful fridge magnets will surely be something your audience will  cherish for a long time.

Budget friendly

Probably what makes custom refrigerator magnets the best marketing tool in town is its ridiculously cheap price rates, which makes it a great choice for mass events like trade shows or for low budget promotions and non- profits.  The best part is that custom magnets when ordered in bulk will cost you close to nothing because of the incredible  price discounts.


Ideally the promotional handouts that you choose should align with your brand or the event that you are promoting for best results.  When you have versatile handouts like fridge magnets, you have a perfect marketing item that will never look out of place or fail to work for any event or business. Whether you are planning a realtor open house , a fun  contest or a product announcement or a restaurant reopening, these logo magnets will fit every promotional plan with ease and can be customized to meet your promotional objectives.

High retention

It is interesting to note that fridge magnets seldom get replaced as these will remain on the fridge doors for as long as the refrigerator is in use! So, just think of the tremendous brand visibility your business will get when you use custom fridge magnets as  marketing tools.

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