Winter Could Be The Best Season To Buy A Home on budget- Promote Your Realtor Services With Custom Magnets

While the holiday sales and the travel plans keep people busy in the winter months, it could make a perfect time to bag some cool deals for home owners who are trying to find a home at low prices. House prices often drop slightly during November to January every year, which makes it a great time for marketers to get their message out and to promote their business.


The definite seasonal pattern shows a rise in realtor prices from spring to summer after which it will slightly wind back. January provides the best discount for home buyers, as lower priced and smaller-sized homes that were listed for a long time get sold during the winter months. Families with school going kids won’t be keen to consider a home change in the school year and they may consider larger homes, which mean that there will a lot more small houses in the market.

Real estate business owners know this to be true in their everyday business since there are far fewer buyers shopping over the holidays, they will have listed homes staying on the market for a longer period, which they will be willing to sell it off for discounted prices. So, if you are a realtor trying to promote your winter deals, consider these budget friendly custom magnets as handouts to get your message out to your prospective buyers who would be looking for the winter slash deals and discounts.

2016 Real Estate Calendar Magnets: Can there be a better promotional gift to think about than a calendar during the winter season? Hand out these functional items that your recipients would find useful for a whole year while your brand gets registered in the minds of your customers. The best part is that these attractive logo items will make interesting talking topics as well as the proud home owners would be happy to talk about the exciting deals and service that they got to their friends and guests on their house warming party.

7.37x10.5 Custom Printed Real Estate Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

Real estate house shaped magnets: Welcome your customers’ home with these adorable house shaped magnets that would never fail to make them feel at home. These refrigerator promotional magnets offer high visibility over refrigerator doors or other metallic surfaces. Perfect for building year-round visibility for your brand! These attractively shaped magnets will also instantly set off word of mouth publicity for your brand as nobody can pluck their eyes off these quirky magnets that exude the warmth of an abode!

4.25x3.5 Custom Real Estate House Shape Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

Realtor business card magnets : Hand out your brand on to the hands of the new home owners with the new home keys with these business card magnets. These will never get trashed or misplaced and the next time when your happy customer wants to contact you for a good realtor deal, they will know where to look.

2x3.5 Custom Realtor Business Card Magnets 25 Mil Round Corners

Browse our collection of real estate magnets to choose a model that suits your tastes and see how easily these would impress and influence the prospective buyers looking for some cool deals.