Men can also get breast cancer!

Shocking? Well, it’s true. Men can also get breast cancer.  Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death among women. We know that! But for men, it may look illogical! You may wonder: men don’t have breasts, so how come this is possible! But the truth is, men may not have milk-producing breasts, but they still have breast tissues! And because it is still breast tissue, men can get breast cancer!

Although it is very rare, an expected number of 2,470 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer and around 460 will die each year.


This may be hard to digest, but it’s true. This is not as critical as in women. You can find 1 in every 8 women having breast cancer, but in the case of men, it is 1 in every 833! Now if you think that it is not a big deal, you have to think again. Since the number of male breast cancer patients is really low, there are only a few cases available to study. This means breast cancer in men is not that easy to treat just like that of women. Many in our society don’t know this fact about breast cancer and its development in men. Women at least know that they can be affected by breast cancer, but men, on the other hand, doesn’t even know that they could possibly get this disease.

On this month of Breast Cancer Awareness, let’s spread awareness among both men and women regarding breast cancer and its impact. Get breast cancer awareness magnets and spread the information. We need everyone to be alert. Yes, the woman holds the majority level but men should also be informed about breast cancer and its impact. Breast cancer can be treated without complications if they are detected in an early stage. So, the first idea everybody should get is, men can also have breast cancer. Then only we can help them analyze breast cancer in the early stage. Campaigns and awareness sessions are to be done for both men and woman to make them understand about breast cancer. With breast cancer awareness magnets, this can be done. Breast cancer awareness magnets are available in different shapes and sizes. Simple pink ribbon magnet is a great way to promote breast cancer awareness and the need to “Find the Cure” anywhere you go. And similarly, there is more to spread awareness on breast cancer.

This breast cancer awareness month, let us pledge to take care of our people and make them understand the importance of knowing about breast cancer and its impact.


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