Custom  Holiday Magnets As Mailer Items – Top Tips

Spread the season’s cheer with custom seasonal holiday magnets and usher in the New Year. Due to the social distancing norms in place in the new normal world, businesses may have to resort to mailer gifts this holiday season to reach out to their clients and employees.

Make sure that your holiday message gets noticed on these full color holiday themed magnets and earn prime real estate on fridges and desks. Convey your season’s greetings  by handing out these seasonal magnets to your clients  and promote your brand effectively with these full color magnets.

 Christmas and Holiday Announcement Magnets 20 Mil

Holiday magnets can be used as save the date invites for parties and events, fund raising items or store promotional swag among others. Customize it with your holiday greetings and logo to make it unique and collection worthy for your audience. Choose from Christmas, Halloween, thanks giving and a lot more themes to match your needs.  These magnets will not just make a tangible reminder of your message but will make a great holiday décor item for the fridge doors of your recipients.

Direct mailers gifts are more relevant in 2020 than ever due to the pandemic situation where direct interactions are limited.

Circle Shaped Christmas Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Here are some solid reasons  why holiday magnets should be part of your promotional plans.

Holiday magnets get and retain the attention of your audience

Holiday magnets will never be discarded and continue to enjoy a proud display on the fridge doors as décor pieces even after the holidays. Naturally, it would be easier for your audience to remember  your brand and message when they  see it every day and when your message becomes part of the holiday cheer.

Holiday magnets engage customers

These factory direct magnets that are made in USA will easily engage your audience by keeping your logo and message in their plain view. Your audience will surely be excited to talk about these magnets to their friends and well wishers  thereby setting off the much desired word of mouth publicity for your business.

Holiday magnets  generate sales

Holiday magnets generate leads easily because it is hard to miss these festive themed magnets and the personalized holiday message that it bears! So, anyone who happens to these pretty magnets will surely be influenced by your brand and the novel holiday promotional idea. Your recipients will surely be thrilled to get a pretty holiday magnet in the mail that they will enjoy remembering and retaining forever!

New Year Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

So, if you’re a small business looking to cut through the clutter and attract more customers, holiday magnet mailer items will be a superb choice. Call us and talk to our product experts to know more about holiday magnets that can fit into any budget.

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