3×10 Car Magnetic Signs – Put Your Brand On A High Speed Trail

If you are looking for a high visibility and innovative outdoor marketing method to promote your brand, look no further than these 3 x 10 Outdoor & Car Magnetic signs. Apply on cars, vans or any service or delivery vehicles and earn the undivided attention of everyone on the road. These make a budget friendly way to turn the vehicles to moving billboards and are well suited to promote home maintenance services, landscape services, pet grooming businesses and more.  These 30 mil outdoor magnets are designed to withstand the outdoor elements, thereby ensuring a long term brand exposure. 100% made in USA, these custom magnetic signs for cars and vans are offered with free shipping in the continental USA.

3x10 Magnetic Signs - Custom Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Square Corners

Low minimum quantity offer

If you are a small or medium enterprise with a small fleet of vehicles for delivery or service, then it is the best time to shop for these custom car magnetic signs that can be ordered as low as 4 pieces with an unbeatable special price offer. Make the most of the summer outdoor promotional season by handing out these attractive full color magnets that will carry your brand and message far and wide. Everyone on the road and the parking lot will take a closer look at these attractively customized magnets that carry your contact details and just imagine the exposure that your brand will get.

These full color magnets that are customized with your artwork or tagline will stand out from the vehicle service thereby grabbing easy attention of everyone around. Car magnetic signs can be effectively used to advertise the services of a particular business and reach out to the local audience. Be it on food delivery vehicles, local contract works, landscaping services or more, these car sign magnets will add muscles to your outdoor brand promotion on a budget.

No business can survive the cut throat competition of the markets without unique marketing schemes. Car magnetic signs make one of the best ways to reach out to your audience by sticking these on your delivery trucks, errand cars, and business vehicles, which will carry your message wherever they go. 3×10 Car Magnetic Signs will put your brand name in front of your potential consumers, in the most unexpected situations.

Car signs will make a clever way to generate interest in the minds of your audience and keep them wanting for more. Highly visible yet budget friendly, car magnet signs are a good place to start with to connect to the local audience and get your name everywhere. These attractive full color magnets will never fail to grab the attention of even the most casual observer on the road.

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