Advertising car magnets will ensure brand promotion on the move

Turn your car surface into a moving billboard for your brand with printed car magnets. Let’s admit it! The best types of promotional products are those that are functional on an everyday basis. has an array of promotional car magnets including ribbons, political campaign magnets, awareness magnets and much more. Get your business message and company name out on the streets and bump into the competitive world with these attractive car magnets.

24x18 Birthday Personal Magnetic Car Truck Auto Vehicle Signs Round Corners 30 mil

These can also be handed out to promote team spirit and camaraderie among your employees. Car magnets can transform even hard times into business opportunities. For instance, in a never ending traffic jam as the car drivers at the back will never miss out the logo and the message imprinted on these magnets as they inch their way! Long lasting and UV coated, these car magnets can sustain bad weather days and will ensure a high visibility brand promo on both moving and stationery cars.

Customize it with your logo and business message and stick it to the car bumpers to gain instant attention. These can also be handed out during tradeshows, expos or during mass mailer campaigns and when your clients drive around with these long lasting magnets on their cars, your brand will be put on a proud parade.

Here are some of the fast moving car magnets that truly deserve a closer look.

Custom 12x12 Retail Magnetic Car Bumper Auto Vehicle Signs Round Corners 30 mil

  • Circle Magnets : 6 Inch magnets are in vogue among marketers as these promotional magnets can serve them better than any other promotional token, they have used. Being large and unique, they can hold as much promotional information the marketers like to put in. These are well suited for election campaigns as these imprinted logo magnets will stand out as the fleet of cars of candidates and supporters make their way to the election rallies and campaigns.
  • Paw shaped magnets : These delightful paw shaped magnets can be sought by animal rights campaigners and pet shop owners to improve their visibility. This magnet is easily visible from distance due to its easily recognizable adorable shape. Outdoor safe and long lasting, these magnets will work for your brand promotion for dog years for sure!
  • Motorcycle shaped magnets :A 4.25 x 2.25 motorcycle shaped magnet is outdoor safe and it can be utilized by advertisers of all genres to gain easy visibility. These trendy magnets can be used to promote racing events, auto dealers, sports clubs and much more. The familiar shape of these magnets makes the trump cards of these magnets that will create a buzz in your brand promotion. Advertisers seeking it in bulk can gain attractive discounts and enjoy the freebies such as free shipping, free customization and free art set up offered on all orders.
  • Ribbon magnets: Give all your awareness campaigns the universal theme of ribbons with these printed magnets. A 3.8 x 8 custom awareness ribbon shape magnets is any social reformer’s best friend to inspire others to join a cause. Though Pink and red ribbon shaped magnets are exclusively used for breast cancer and AIDS awareness campaigns, ribbon magnets of other colors can be used for drumming up support for other awareness campaigns.