How Business logo magnets can make your brand the talk of the town?

Marketers need to make every dollar count while setting out on a promotional campaign. High visibility campaigns may often be bank breaking and might not ensure long term results. If you are looking for budget promotional idea to put your business message out to a mass audience, not many options can match the charm of business logo magnets.

2x3.5 Realestate BusinessCard Magnets round Corner

If you thought TV ads or radio spots are the only ways to go, you could be in for a surprise. Did you know that on an average, promotional products cost just 0.6 cents per impression, which is way lower than a TV commercial that costs you approximately 2.4 cents? The best part is that inspite of the low cost involved, promotional giveaways ensure a high consistency rate as nearly 88 percent of customers who were given promotional products could recall the brand and retained it for at least 6 months to ensure more mileage than other marketing strategies.

Promotional magnets make wonderful promotional giveaways for mass events like tradeshows, events, conventions and much more. These can be employed to promote a range of different business lines and most customers love to retain these attractive fridge magnets as decorative pieces or souvenirs for a long time even after your branding campaign.

Here are some of the logo magnets that can be employed in your branding promo.

4x7 inch High School Football Schedules Round Corner Magnets

  • Real estate magnets
    The realtor segment in the country is well poised for a healthy growth and is projected to rise by 20 percent from this year. The total home sales is expected to go up by about 5 percent to hit the best sales pace in eight years! To make hay while the sun shines, realtor companies will have to come up with innovative promotional technique and giveaways. Real estate magnets that ensure a steady brand exposure without breaking the budget, is a hot choice for realtor promotions. From business cards to calendars and more, there is a range of logo magnets to consider. A 2 x3.5 round corner real estate business card magnet is specifically preferred by real estate agents and other professionals, who like to experiment with shapes. These stand out for their adorable shapes and choice of business information imprinted against it. It is a great giveaway during home expos and tradeshows to reach out to a mass audience easily.
  • Clip magnets
    If you are working within a restricted promotional budget, then not many choices can match the charm of clip magnets. These printed magnets offer them an unmatched advantage due to its high utility value. The recipients will love to use these on their work desks and at home to keep their important documents, coupons and shopping lists safely. Imprint your logo and business message and see how these logo magnets make your brand the talk of the town!