How Promotional magnetic calendars will make your brand a household name?

Most business owners might have already got the benefits of employing promotional magnetic calendars in their campaign by now as they are almost into the middle of the year. Promotional calendar magnets can create long term exposure for a brand, but it is important that the marketers use it effectively to raise their brand visibility.

Here are a few tips on how to make your logo calendars attractive and eye catching

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Say it with colors

Bright colors and bold prints will make even an ordinary magnetic calendar hard to ignore – people will love to have these decorative pieces on their refrigerator doors or filing cabinets and the best part is that these are seen by your users every day, which means consistent brand exposure and reinforcement for your business message. Business owners should strive to make their promotional calendars unique and attractive to make them stand out and to draw attention every month. It is better to avoid ordinary designs and pale color choices.

Call of action

The basic objective of promotional magnets is to enhance brand awareness, every month, which in turn will generate regular business. Marketers can think of smart promotional tactics like including free deals and coupons on each page that will encourage the users to come to your establishment to receive the special offer.

Brand logo

While making the promotional calendars attractive and eye catching, marketers cannot afford to be sloppy in making their logo well represented. After all , logo exposure is the bedrock of any promotional campaign. However some marketers find it hard to decide on what to include and where to place it. Typically, the business logo and contact details should be placed on every calendar page to make sure that these remain constantly on display. Brand recognition can take a beating if the users fail to access all the relevant information of your business.

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Who can use magnetic calendars?

Promotional magnetic calendars can be used by different business lines like realtor offices, doctors and dentists’ offices as these double up as appointment reminders apart from being a top notch business card. You can include your contact information on one side and make use of the other side to imprint the appointment details. These calendars with full color imprint with your logo will not just remind them of their appointments but will also trigger word of mouth publicity as their friends and family see these attractive magnets on the refrigerator doors. 2.7×5.6 Custom Printed Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners will make a fun choice to reach out to your target customers. Imprint funny slogans, artwork, cartoons or anything that you think will tug their hearts to make these promotional calendars interesting and informative alike. Your customers will never miss their appointments thanks to these colorful calendars on the fridge, when they’ll look at it daily!

Restaurants and cafes
Have you ever wondered on how to tempt your diners to come back more often to your eateries? Forget about handing out mint and toothpicks to your patrons as they leave, instead give out these menu magnets such as 4×6 Custom Pizza Menu Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners. These will have ample space not just for the company name and logo but also for your menu. This fun twist will remind patrons of your signature dishes and special fares which will prompt them to make a visit.

Promotional calendars make welcome addition to any home or workplace due to their practical use and now you can cash upon this raging popularity of calendars in promoting your brand.