Custom car magnetic signs -Own a travelling billboard

Car magnetic signs will make a smart move to customize your business vehicle and highlight your brand identity. Never overlooked , these full color magnets will make the center of attraction even in crowded streets, traffic jams and even in parking lots. Tell your prospects about your business through artwork or power packed taglines and just drive around the vehicle and you make leads!  Business promotions can’t get any better.

Car magnetic signs are Cheap

Car  magnetic signs are low-cost alternative to billboard advertising that never fails to pay off! Branding a business vehicle need not be expensive anymore because these magnetic signs are pretty cheap. Businesses can advertise their best deals on these and be sure that nobody misses it when they drive around town. Anyone who sees your contact information can request a quote instantly without having to scroll through search engine results pages. If someone sees your logo on the side of your van parked in  client sites in their neighborhood, it easily enhances the reliability and authenticity of your brand.

3x10 Magnetic Signs - Custom Outdoor & Car Magnets

Enhances Brand Visibility

The best thing about car magnetic signs is that these are designed to withstand the outdoor elements and last long. You will get a lot of impressions over the life of these magnetic signs. A smarty customized magnetic sign will become the face of your brand, which your recipients will find easy to relate to.

12x12 Custom Truck Magnetic Signs Magnets

Word of mouth publicity

Your prospects may displace your business card, but they won’t forget your logo they see on the vehicles that are constantly plying through their neighborhood. They will easily remember your name and logo, which makes it easy to reach out to you when your prospects need.

24x24 Custom Truck Magnetic Signs Magnets


People typically trust authorities and when someone sees these full color magnetic signs they will assume that you are an expert in your field of business. They are more likely to listen to you and endorse your products. Car magnetic signs will go a long way in establishing your authority in your business niche  because these are professional representations of your brand and business.

24x12 Custom Magnetic Car and Truck Signs Magnets

Leave a lasting Statement

Car magnetic signs make the best first impressions and highlight your professional identity. People will surely take note of it and you get a firm footing in the good books of your prospects. Make sure to  highlight your professional  image and expertise by customizing these logo magnets with  your unique selling points and  highlight what makes your brand what it is!

24x18 Promotional Magnetic Car and Truck Signs Magnets

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