Mark Your Business Name on Custom Refrigerator magnets

Refrigerator magnets can be stuck on any magnetic surface you want. Apart from being a brand reminder for your business these double up as fridge décor items and a handy way to hold up the reminders, menu and discount coupons etc for your prospects. Win- win!

 Ideal for homes and offices, these budget friendly promotional items of custom refrigerator magnets get the undivided attention of everyone. It makes a great talking topic, which can bring in the much needed word of mouth publicity. Business owners who want their brands to be shown off to potential clients and customers will find these logo items perfect choices. Your name and logo printed on these items will earn a lot of eyeballs every time your recipients open their fridge doors, glance through the shopping lists under these magnets or simply walk past their fridge. The more they see the more will be their brand recall. The best part is that the brand publicity happens without them even knowing about it.

Pickup Truck Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Promotional magnets not just remind about your brand to just one person because these are placed in areas where many people take note of it . Whoever passes by the place will also catch a glimpse of your business name, which will create fresh leads. Refrigerator magnets that are printed in full color and attractive fonts will stand out so that people will not miss any of your messages. Keep them unique yet simple to make it easy for the users to read and grasp the message easily.

Prospects are bombarded literally with hundreds of messages and promotional information that they fail to take note of most of these. If you wish to remind your target audience in this busy world, you need a constant reminder in the form of these refrigerator magnets that will scream out your message.

Custom Small Telephone Shape Magnets 20 Mil

With your brand name sticking right in front of their computers or cubicles, your customers will instantly be reminded about your products and services. Next time your brand will instinctively pop in their mind when they need to get your products or services. Promotional items such as fridge magnets have become a rage for business owners to get their brand name out in the public.

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Light weight and compact, magnets are easy to distribute. Choose the best promotional method to make sure that your brand gets the desired presence in the market and only the target clients get them. Refrigerator magnets can be distributed as mailer items, tradeshow swag and store promotional items.

Triangle Shape Magnets 20 Mil

If you are in a mood to add a fun twist to your promotions, use fridge magnets as contest prizes, which will literally put your brand in the hands of your audience and engage them with your brand in a fun way.