Go the Distance with Custom Printed Magnetic Car and Truck Signs!

Magnets are powerful, effective and affordable promotional products. The high visibility and the quirky charm of magnets make these a valuable business marketing tools. Magnetic car and truck sign magnets are a smart choice to reinforce your brand identity and get your word out to a wider audience.

12x12 Custom Printed Magnetic Car and Truck Signs Magnets

The best part is the low sticker price that these magnets take credit of! These stunning, full color magnets that are made in USA will enjoy a long retention at your customers’ homes and offices. Easy to customize, the way you wish, custom car magnetic signs will let you utilize your creativity to the fullest. Get these imprinted with your logo, artwork or call to action to engage the audience while a fun tagline or artwork will make heads turn easily at the traffic lights, parking lots or wherever your business vehicles ply!

Car magnetic signs are easy to stick and take off in a flash; these wont damage the vehicle surface and will give you the ultimate freedom to turn your business vehicles to personal vehicles and vice versa. You can even don these vividly colored magnets during personal events to promote your business in a subtle way beyond your business hours!

For sports events

Magnetic car signs are not just for brand promotions but are great to support your local teams, welcome the winning sports team or even build a buzz for local events and community gatherings.  Show everyone the team you are rooting for with these brilliant car sign magnets and show off your favorite sport or the player. These massive magnets are great or March Madness parties, too!

24x18 Custom Printed Political Car Magnetic Signs

Whether you wish to reach out to the sports loving audience or cheer for your home team, these personalized magnets will make a great way to display your passion. These can be put anywhere you like- on the sales and service vehicles, cars, trucks, boats or bikes, You can even bring it on to your store windows or metal boards to add a pop of color. These massive magnets will never fail to make heads turn.

Let your imagination run wild! Imprint these magnets with your favorite team colors, mascot or tagline to ignite the fan pride.

Fund raising Giveaways

Custom car magnetic signs are great giveaways at games or to raise money at fundraisers. You can even sell them at the concession stands. While your audience gets a delightful game day souvenir, you can raise funds for your home team or booster clubs.

Just upload your artwork or better still, make a fresh design with the aid of our design studio tool to leave lasting impression.

24×18 Custom Printed Car and Truck Signs 30 Mil Round Corners will make a great choice to consider. The generous imprint space will give you a blank canvas to put your message or artwork on display. These full color magnets are budget friendly, which makes them perfect options for low budget advertisement campaigns.

24x18 Custom Printed Magnetic Car and Truck Signs Magnets

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