The Smart And Suave Way Of Customizing Car Magnets

Choosing a car magnet that matches your promotional needs and budget only makes your job half done because to ensure the best value for your money, you have to personalize these in a smart and interesting manner. Custom car magnets are the best way to ensure the maximum exposure and portability for your brand and to grab the attention of Americans who spend a substantial part of their day behind the wheels. People travel a lot shuttling between their office and home and also during holidays and road trips. So, obviously the best way for the marketers to grab the attention of people on the move will be custom car magnets. Customize these with your brand, message or artwork to turn these into high visibility moving billboards.

5.75 Inch Personalized Circle Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

Poorly-designed custom magnets will not get noticed and will fail to make impressions for your brand. Take a moment to read these smart customization tips that will make your car magnets, advertisement juggernauts.

Choose the appropriate size: The logo or message that goes into the magnet should be of appropriate size. Make sure that the message is clearly visible and confirm the dimensions. Ideally the design on the magnet should complement the magnet size.

Avoid clutter – Car magnets are viewed by passing motorists, at traffic lights, at the parking lots and by pedestrians. Too much text in the design may leave the viewers distracted and baffled. Choose fonts that are easy to read from a distance and keep your message simple and straight for maximum impact.

Color Contrast – Always the background color of the car magnet should contrast the car paint color. The design to be imprinted on the magnets should stand out against the backdrop. Choose a bright color scheme and a highly contrasting text that will never fail to grab the attention of everyone. Keep away from small fonts and pastel shades as these won’t be easy to read especially on a moving car. It is better to stick to the color combination of dark background with white text or vice versa , which is easy to read.

Round Corner magnets are the best – Choose round corner magnets like circle magnets as these will ensure air flow across the car magnet and reduce the chances of the magnet corner catching the wind and getting thrown out off the vehicle. If you are using a round corner magnet, choose a design without a border. Browse our impressive line-up of custom magnets to choose a model that matches your needs.

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