Turn Your Road Time Into Money-Making Venture With Magnetic Vehicle Signs

 With the rise of “gig economy” people are turning their free time and business vehicles into revenue with car magnets. Affordable and easy to use, these vehicle signs ensure easy branding  for your business.

If you’ve got employees out on the road making deliveries or providing transportation, vehicle magnets will make a smart way to reinforce your corporate brand and customer trust. Reusable and durable, these magnetic signs can be easily passed across different vehicles in your fleet day in and day out. Much cheaper than a custom vehicle wrap and more professional, these signages are well suited for all types of businesses.

Magnetic vehicle signs can be used to recruit new employees or contractors into your company. The high visibility of these magnets and the generous imprint area can be used to highlight your business message, contact details, company mascot, web url and any other information that the prospects may find useful.

11.5x3 Custom Magnetic Car and Truck Bumper Sign Magnets

Use multiple magnetic car signs for more impact

The more the merrier! This axiom holds true in the case of magnetic car signs. Vehicles offer tons of premium value real estate for you to display your signage. So, make the best use of it by matching several magnetic vehicle signs on one vehicle to communicate more.

Easy to apply and take off, these are designed to withstand the weather elements for a long time. Versatile and ideal to be used on just about any type of vehicle, car magnetic signs are incredibly affordable and popular.

These can be used to recruit more contractors, seek feedback on your business, brand your business out on the road, announce holiday deals and a lot more. No matter how you wish to go about it, custom magnetic vehicle signs are definitely the way to go.  If you’ve a custom design in mind, upload your own design file or use our advanced online design tool to create a fresh artwork. Make your holiday promotions more fun and interesting with these attractive car magnetic signs that delightfully stand apart from conventional advertisements.

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