3.75X8 Oval Magnets –How to Use 10 Power Words Over Them to Improve Your Sales

Who said you cannot make influence over 3.75X8 oval magnets with minimum efforts? Whoever said it have never tried advertising over oval magnets using any of these 10 power words –

3.75x8 Inch Oval Shape Full Color Magnets

  1. You
    Just remember the first time, when your parents might have suggested you should never talk impolite about yourself? Selling is an art, which allows you to get closer to your customer and make them to loosen their purse strings. You can excel in your art only and only if you can acknowledge their presence in your business. Try to build the influence over customers by making them believe that you are directly addressing them. Whenever you are tempted to phrase a marketing sentence in the favor of your company, try thinking from the perspective of a customer. This means instead of saying we are offering you a 50% discount on your next order, tell people that you can save 50% on your next order.
  2. And
    Some grammarians may say that “and” is a replacement for a word “but”, which carries a negative undertone. However “and” is strictly a word, which generates a strong sense of anticipation. It triggers expectations like none other. See the difference between these two sentences –
    We do understand that your budget is $25000, but our cameras cost $100,000.
    We do understand that your budget is $25000 and our cameras cost $100,000.
    The second sentence generates some kind of relief to the prospect, whereas the first one is kind of making him feel neglected.
    In short, avoid “But” and score with “And” during the next campaign.
  3. Value
    People are not interested to know benefits and features of your business rather they are only interested to know value that you offer.
  4. Or
    Perhaps you know what does it mean? Offer them plethora of choices by separating your messages with the power of or.
  5. Why?
    Whenever a customer sees your advertisement, he will be naturally compelled to ask why should I seek this product and not the other one? Perhaps they are right. You should try to answer them by offering answers for all their whys with short sentences over these 3.75X8 oval magnets.
  6. How?
    Similar to why “how” can make a difference to your bottom-line. People would be really interested to know how you can change to their lives with your product or services. Try to offer your benefits under headings “how” or answer them with your features.
  7. Opportunity
    This is a magical word and it is quite human to believe this is the opportunity for me. You can ask customers to seek opportunity from the current situation by presenting some quick and inspiring prepositions.
  8. Hurry Up
    Have you ever wondered, why many marketing messages ask you to hurry up before the sale or season ends? Hurry is the word, which will have varying effects under various situations. You can use this magic word to create an element of scarcity. It is a human nature to give up against scarcity.
  9. Show, See, Hear, Tackle
    It is ok, even if you argue that I cannot use all these words at once over customized oval magnets 3.75 x8. You are right; these are the words belonging to the same family. You can use them under different pretexts to create impressive advertisement. There is a human tendency to imagine things, whenever they hear the words such as silky, soft, hard, pricky, etc.
  10. Do
    This compels a customer to act fast. “Do it now or never.”

You can experiment other tricky and fast selling words over customized oval magnets 8 x 3.75 for best results. Enjoy great savings by bulk ordering your oval magnets from any reputed ecommerce store stocking only made in USA magnets.

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