9X16.75 Magnets – Five Tips for Harnessing Power of Magnet Advertising for Your Business

9x 16.75 magnets are one of the most powerful and largest promotional magnets available for business advertisements. You can employ these custom magnets for popularizing your brand and improving your influence across the niche. Here are five steps for harnessing power of magnet advertising for your business using 16.75 x 9 magnets.

9x16.75 Square Corner Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

Use Them for Building Brand Consciousness
Just imagine the sight of a large full color magnet handed to a customer by the host of the corporate event, you are attending. Would you reject it or grab it happily. First of all you cannot ignore such a large personalized magnet standing before you. Perhaps there are chances that you grab it happily after all you are getting a piece of art to dress your refrigerator door. In addition, the same goes true, if the host is handing you an outdoor car magnet. You can use it for dressing your plain car door. You will take it home, proudly position it over refrigerator door or car door, and make people see it every day. In addition, you will see it and think proudly of the brand, which took efforts to dress your plain refrigerator door or car door. Unknowingly a brand consciousness overpowers your senses and influences your buying decisions. This brand consciousness serves as the real victory for the marketer who invested in these large customized magnets!

Example – You can employ these customized magnets as calendars, sales flyers, or an announcement token.

Use Them for Attracting Customers While on Drive
You cannot go to the homes of your customers individually and inform them about your business and products. However, you can inch closer to your customers and get closer to them while driving to the office and back. For better visibility, you can park your car in crowded places or wait for the next traffic block! People cannot ignore the sight of a full color promotional magnet announcing them a new business venture or venue.

Use Them for Building Great Social Impact
Customized 9x 16.75 magnets can be used for building a great social impact with minimum efforts. Today, customers are very particular about selecting a marketer who happily shoulders his social responsibilities. You can use these large magnets for creating best social impact with minimum efforts. Perhaps you can consider them for fundraiser events, too.

Use Them for Announcing the Big News on Savings and Sales
Customized magnets 9 x 16.75 are perfect for announcing the news about the new sales program, savings, discounts, and referral program. Although customized 9 x16.75 magnets may be slightly pricier than regular promotional magnets, but marketers can expect long term benefits. People would retain these personalized magnets in honor of a marketer who cared for their purse strings.

Use Them for Making An Impact When Other Promotional Materials Have Failed
Perhaps you have tried every other promotional material and strategy to win over your customers and they all have miserably failed to make an impact. You can easily resort on magnet advertising through 9 x 16.75 magnets because of its largesse dimension and look-at-me-first-before- you –look –anywhere else attitude!

You can easily try many more promotional strategies over these large sized rectangle magnets. Avail free shipping, free online design proof, and free art set up on any purchasing these large personalized magnets from a reputed online store stocking them.

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