Fortune Magnets for Business – What are the choices available?

We all are familiar with the usage of the custom magnets for business promotions. Today, these magnets are available in different shapes and sizes, and advertisers can choose them according to their niche requirements, budget and color. Have you ever thought of using a fortune magnet for business promotion?  If no, then read through this blog which discusses why fortune magnets are considered for product promotion.

A fortune magnet as the name suggests are the magnets which are imprinted with traditionally accepted symbols of fortune. It may carry some verses, images of apostles, wheel of fortune, tarot cards, and etc. These magnets have been utilized for various types of business promotions due to the uniqueness and novelty involved in the concept. The magnets of fortune may be offered as –

  • Circular medallions with inscribed verses – Circle shaped magnets are used for customizing the fortune symbols. A circular medallion with verses inflicts a psychological impact on the minds of a viewer. Also, it can transform into a good art form when affixed against a refrigerator.
  • Square shaped magnets with special symbols – Square shaped magnet is one of the most accepted symbols of promotion.  A square shaped magnet can be suitably customized with suitable signs or symbols such as Chinese inscriptions, biblical inscriptions or Japanese Kanji characters, and served as gifts.
  • Refrigerator Magnet – There are no hard and fast rules for creating this type of magnet. Generally they are created in circular or square shaped backgrounds. A refrigerator magnet can be suitably customized with image of some deities or some fortune symbols such as a picture of laughing Buddha or God Ganesha (a Hindu deity of good luck), or maneki neko (lucky cat from Japanese mythology, and its figurines are established in the entrance of homes), Viking protective talisman, Louisiana fortune teller, Napolean crossing the Alps, or some images of apostles and typical western fortune symbols such four leaf clover, elephants, falling star, number seven and etc.

All advertisers can either choose to utilize fortune magnets for promotion and they can hand it over as a business gift during special occasions or with special purchases. A customer will never forget the brand which gifted them such unique tool. Also, they will take special care in affixing it over the refrigerators and other visible surfaces and remember the brand every time they see it.

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