Pre Designed Promotional Magnets | Advantages and Disadvantages

Many customizable products come as pre-designed in the market today. Starting right from consumer items to promotional products, the pre-designed items are available for purchase. Many people opt for pre-designed products than going for personalized promotional products. This is true with promotional magnets too. There are multiple online and offline stores which supply custom magnets for brand promotional and product advertisement. Many of the suppliers feature ready to buy pre-designed products. They are generally called templates. A template is a pre-designed and ready to buy product. Though the word template is generally used in reference with internet and web design, any product that replaces a customized product can be called a template. There are certain advantages and disadvantages for a pre designed promotional magnet. Let us discuss the most prominent of such advantages and disadvantages.

There are obvious advantages in availing a pre-designed promotional magnet. Many brands prefer to make their promotional products look differently and unique. Customization is selected for getting this uniqueness of the tool. Uniqueness helps brands to get added visibility and increased sales. Pre-designed magnets are, in fact, a structural substitute for fly customized promotion magnets. Pre designed magnets come in multiple, shapes and designs permitting the brand to get their promotional messages printed in the most effective forms. Affordability is another advantage of pre-designed magnets.  A personalized magnet matching the exact requirements of the brand may be costlier than a ready-to-buy magnet. A brand which plans limited budget promotion can very well choose pre designed magnets. Personalized magnets require certain manufacturing time and shipping time. You can’t just walk in to a magnet store and get fully customized magnets. But ‘almost customized’ magnets can be bought promptly and distributed immediately. Certain promotional needs require fast availability of products; such occasions can use the pre designed magnets effectively.

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Pre designed custom magnets also showcase certain disadvantages. The most important is less uniqueness. The same type can be purchased by any brand and even your competitors can use the same type to mimic or exploit your brand reputation. Only the products which make it to the minds of people can win the race in advertisement. A pre-designed magnet may fail to attract the eyes 100% because of the less uniqueness. Also, re designed templates may not match the requirement exactly to the marking needs of the brand. A brand may conceive the idea of marking with the help of promotional magnets, foreseeing that certain aspects or customization possibility may compliment the advertisement purpose. When the brand fails to match the requirements with the magnet, the promotion efforts will be in vain. Magnets should exclusively be designed to match the nature of the promotion too. Pre designed or template magnets may not copy the exact nature of products or services of a business.

Whatever are the advantages and disadvantages, promotional magnets are true hit in the advertisement industry and if approached and utilized them in the right way, they can surely bring assured promotional results.

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