Promotional Magnets For Mailer Campaigns

Promotional magnets are light weight, unbreakable and easy to mail. So, if you have been thinking of a mass mailer campaign, check out these mailer magnets that come with its own envelopes for posting. Well, does that sound too good to be true? Read on to find out more on these amazing custom magnets that you will love to make part of your marketing mix.

  1. Mailer magnets grab and retain your attention
    Everyone will love to get these gift envelopes in their mail boxes any time. Your recipients will surely be surprised to get these attractive magnets that are imprinted with your brand and message. To increase the value of these logo items, you can include coupons or special deals in these that will get your audience back to your stores faster than ever before.
  2. Mailer magnets engage customers
    Attractively shaped and smartly customized, these logo magnets will instantly engage your recipients in a light hearted dialogue with your message. People will surely hold on to these delightful handouts for a very long time for sure.
  3. Magnets generate sales
    Magnets once get stuck on refrigerator doors, filing cabinets or other appliances will continue to generate sales by being a highly visible billboard for your brand. Everytime they wish to reach out to you, all they need to do is refer the contact details that are imprinted on these.

So, if you have the best offers and the right mailing list, these mailer magnets will surely go a long way in driving up your sales.

Mailer magnets work as simple as 1-2-3

  • Your recipients get a magnet in the mail (forget about the spam filters that block the message in the virtual mail box)
  • The message imprinted on these mailer magnets is read and remembered forever.
  • The recipients come to the store to purchase

So, if you are a business that is striving to grab the attention of your customer by cutting through the clutter, then do not look beyond these custom mailer magnets.

Here are some of the magnets that come with their own mailing envelopes for added convenience.

1.87×4.5 Custom Printed Van Shaped Magnets 20 Mil: These personalized 1.87 inch x 4.5 inch van shaped full color magnets that can be effectively employed for promoting contract or delivery service businesses will never fail to turn heads. You can insert this magnet as a mailer in your contact envelope or hand it personally during tradeshows or other marketing events.1.87x4.5 Custom Printed Van Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

3.5×3 Custom Laptop Computer Shape Magnets 20 Mil This computer shaped magnet is perfect for driving any kind of technology related services or businesses. People easily identify this shape because they are extensively using computers in offices and homes for communication related purposes. You can use these trendy magnets as business cards during the upcoming tradeshow or slip it into mailing envelope.3.5x3 Custom Laptop Computer Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Maryland shaped magnets : Reach out to the community by handing out these attractive magnets that are shaped like US states that come with their own envelopes. Check out these Maryland shaped magnets that will enable marketers to position their business information in style and in an emphatic manner.3.5x3 Custom Maryland Shaped Magnets 20 Mil