Why Promotional Magnets are preferred over online marketing?

Often businesses prefer promotional magnets for their branding than online promotions. Guess why? Promotional magnets are cost effective, easy to distribute and always get a warm welcome among the recipients. That’s not all. Here’s another sound reason to employ these hard working printed magnets in your marketing plans.

2x3.5 Round Corner Business Card Magnets

According to a recent survey held by Pew Research Center, 15% of US adults don’t use the Internet, and another 9% don’t use it in their homes. In a population of over 314,000,000 that makes a huge number! 40% of those that keep away from the Internet are 65 and older .Senior citizens control 50% of all discretionary income, and spend over $60 billion in the country, every year! So no businesses can overlook this potential group just because they are not into social media or emails! So it will be a smart idea to employ promotional gifts along with online promotions to reach out to a larger audience.

So to grab those eyeballs what could be the best promotional option? The answer lies in the old fashioned refrigerator magnets that people stare at over 20,000 times every year! Attractive and long lasting these printed magnets are readily lapped up by customers of all genres for their functional features. Most people not just make use of the marketing info and contact details that are imprinted on these but also use these adorably shaped magnets to keep their shopping lists, discount coupons and recipes in place!

Every time people open their refrigerator doors to grab the goodies and chilled drinks, your logo will strike their attention. Above all, when guests and friends turn up at your recipient’s homes, your logo imprinted magnets will gain instant attention to set off a trail of word of mouth publicity.

Custom Pestle Punch Health Magnets 20 Mil

However, it doesn’t imply that budget promotions need to be fully non digital! It will be a smart idea to employ these printed magnets either alone or along with a digital promotion to make sure that you do not miss out the potential clientele that are never hooked to the Web! Magnets and magnetic direct mail gel well with other promotional tools and make yet another interesting way to engage customers and to make your logo well noticed amidst today’s media clutter.

An interesting Business Card Magnet or a picture frame magnet can make your mailers a lot more effective and personalized. The best part is that these magnets stick around on your recipient’s refrigerator doors long after online campaigns get scrubbed out!

Now for the biggest open secret! Even the digitally obsessed young people cherish getting mails and magnets dropped into their mailbox just as much as seniors! So, what are you waiting? Start shopping for promotional magnets at CustomMagnetsDirect.com to make your brand promotion a huge success!