Custom Real Estate Magnets – Things That You Might Not Have Known So Far!

Probably the best thing about real estate magnets is that they are relatively inexpensive and ensure assured ROI for the marketers. Not many custom gifts can ensure that much value for your marketing dollar. Real estate magnets and Calendar magnets make excellent giveaways during open houses, building expos and tradeshows.

Real estate magnets will make a value added, budget friendly handout to keep in touch with existing clients and to build business relations. Anything imprinted on these logo items will remain right in front of the audience.

2x3.5 Custom Printed Real Estate Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Customize real estate magnets with your brand, message and art work and see the impressions that these logo items will bring. Displayed over the strategic areas like fridge doors in the high traffic spots of the house, custom magnets are viewed not just by family members but also by the guests. These full color magnets will not just enhance the beauty of the fridge doors but also make a handy place to affix the little reminders and shopping lists of your recipients.

An average home will have over 7 calendars, which will keep them updated about events, holidays, seasons and more.  Real estate calendar magnets can even be handed out in the middle of the year to announce new projects, grand opening or to highlight your anniversary date. Real estate calendar magnets never look out of place and worthless as these will be retained as wall décor items or souvenirs at the end of the year.

Why Real Estate Magnets Are Important In Brand Promotion

Budget friendly

Real estate market is a highly volatile and fluctuating realm, which makes it often difficult for realtors to earmark a substantial or steady promotional budget year after year.  However, when they use custom real estate magnets as their promotional items, they can get the maximum value for their investment and can tweak their promotional budget to suit their needs.

Customer retention

Did you know that 80% of the income for realtors is generated by an average of 20% of their customers? So, it becomes crucial for marketers to retain their existing customers and build goodwill. Real estate magnets keep your brand name right in front of the customers, thereby triggering referrals and better brand recall.

First impression is the best

Reports show that 62% of all sellers choose the 1st Realtor they speak to. Custom magnets will go a long way in building brand image and goodwill through mailer campaigns and tradeshows. Most realtors utilize real estate marketing tools such as refrigerator magnets, postcards and calendars as one of their main methods to get more listings and sales.

Have you used real estate magnets in your promotions? Do share your experience with us at the comments section below.