How  To Use Custom Real Estate Magnets – Top Tips

Real estate marketers often have to meander through a maze of promotional challenges to get their message out and stand out in the competition.  Though there are tons of marketing ideas ​ to consider, only a few of these combine simplicity and efficacy. That is what makes real estate magnets so great to spread the word and engage your audience.

Here are some of the benefits of real estate magnets that make them great choices. These are highly visible and can stay on any magnetic surface – right from refrigerators to car doors. Magnets are one of the most budget friendly marketing tactics.

House Shape Real Estate Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

Here are some real estate magnets to get your customers excited to call you up when they’re ready to buy or sell.

Business Card Magnets

Business Card Magnets- The best way to share the most important information about your business in a glance!  These make great first impressions. The best part is that nobody loses your contact details when you put it on these full color magnets that remain in front of your guests.

 Real Estate Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

There can’t be a better way to engage your audience with your message than these professional and unique business cards.  The best part is that you can personalize these magnets the way you want by getting your brand , message or call to action message imprinted on these. You can even think of some fun quotes that will bring smile on to the faces of your recipients or even useful tips like kitchen conversion units or CPR tips to make it more interesting . It is this unbeatable personal appeal that makes business card magnets ideal for real estate promotions.

Handy and easy to carry in a purse or wallet, these will make its way to a fridge or other highly visible magnetic surface where your recipients see it every day.  Whenever they  think of buying or selling a property, your logo will come up in their minds instinctively and they know whom to call- to get the job done. Real estate magnets will also encourage your recipients to make referrals to their friends and family who may be looking for some reliable real estate agents who can help them out!

Car magnets

Car magnets make a nice easy to stand out during business meetings. Realtors can  highlight their business credentials  while meeting  potential buyers at public or private  events. Just stick these magnets on the doors of your vehicles as you drive to the venue. These temporary billboards can even be applied to your personal car as these can be easily removed after the event.

House Shape Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 35 Mil

Car magnets ​save you money on a paint job yet ensure greater visibility for your business. These magnets will remain the center of attraction of everyone who happens to see these logo magnets. There are a lot more custom magnets on offer. Choose a model that matches your needs and you are all set to make a lasting impact among your audience.

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