Picture Frame Magnets Make Great Giveaways For All Types Of Celebrations

Parties of any type  are filled to the brim with fun and frolic. With tons of decoration ideas, props and fun gifts, parties are so much fun. A well planned event will mean so much to  all your guests  family and friends. Picture frame magnets will make a great gift for your guests.

Budget friendly and incredibly popular, picture frame magnets will keep alive the celebration memories for a long time among your guests. Here are some events and celebrations where picture frame magnets will make perfect gifts.

Heart Picture Frame Awareness Magnets 25 Mil

Sip and See events

It is a perfect opportunity to introduce the newest family addition to all of your loved ones in a single go. The new parents can invite their friends and family members to come and meet their new born baby , which is followed  by a round of light refreshments and snacks. You can hand out custom picture frame magnets with a snap of the baby as a token of thanks for your guests. Make it extra special by imprinting greetings or quotes on these frames.

First Birthday Party

Show off the first birthday pictures in these pretty picture frame magnets that double up as great gifts for your guests. These can be handed out in person to make more of a statement. These colorful magnets will enjoy a proud display on a refrigerator, a locker or on a magnetic bulletin board. Choose from  a wide range of models that will  leave your audience immensely pleased.  Bulk orders carry the best deals; so plan big and make your guests impressed while you stick to your budget.

Heart Punch Picture Frame Magnets 20 Mil

Graduation Party

Graduation parties are special moments to honor the effort and achievement of the young grads and make them feel positive and appreciated about this milestone. Instead of handing out any customary gifts, you can create a memorable reminder of your child’s big day with picture frame magnets. Customize it with motivational quotes or thank you messages that will make your guests feel right on top of the world while the child gets the spotlight!

Picture Frame Magnets 25 Mil Square Corners

Bridal shower parties

Looking for a great handout for your friends and family on your bridal shower? Look no further than picture frame magnets where you can feature your pictures and include the details of the upcoming wedding. You can even put thank you notes on these magnets to make your guests feel special. Unique and budget friendly, these custom magnets will definitely stand apart.

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