1.25X4 Magnets – Why Local Businesses Should Consider Them?

Every new and established business understands the importance of promotional gifting. Newbie local businesses largely invested in small budget gifts such as pens all these years. Perhaps you might have received hundreds of pens by now. Did you ever discuss the pen and brand with your colleagues and peers? Do you believe that a pen is enough to change your buying decision? The answers can be mixed, but the reality is that with increasing dependence on digital gadgets and digital communication people are using pens and many other promotional items lesser than before. This is why businesses are compelled to invest in promotional magnets, which ensures regular visibility from over refrigerator doors. We would suggest local businesses should seriously consider promoting through 1.25x 4 magnets for the following reasons –

1.25x4 Square Corners Custom Printed Magnet 20 Mil

  • They trigger interest
    4×1.25 is the size of a strip magnet, which means people are going to take note of it. It is easier for them to read printed matter on a long strip rather than craning their necks to read crammed information over large magnets. People love seeing full color magnets, which means your brand information presented in full colors will stand out.
  • They will buy easy appreciation
    With magnet advertising becoming a hot trend; every second business owner is getting serious about them. No wonder, businesses are splurging on big customized magnets to make impressions. There would come a time, when recipients would seriously consider taking down big sized magnets to avoid clutter on their refrigerator door. Your small sized promotional magnet stands high benefit of doubt and recipients would think twice before removing them. In addition, a strip-sized magnet will buy attention in the clutter of big sized magnets.
  • They will easily make your business a talking point
    Custom printed magnets 1.25×4
    would easily stir interest in your brand with their typical size. No wonder, they would easily make your business a talking point. People would appreciate full color magnets staring at them, whenever they approach a refrigerator door. It is said that a normal person approaches the refrigerator door at least 10 times a day, which means they are likely to see your brand information 10 times. This means, they are going to discuss it with others during their talks. Don’t you think this magnet is perfect to make your business a talking point in the community where you live!
  • They allow you to make rational savings
    Now what does that mean? Comparing between a pen and 4×1.25 magnet, you will understand that the later allows you to make rational savings. A pen may cost you $100/1000 pieces, whereas this promotional magnet may cost you $200/1000 pieces, still it is affordable. Do you know why? Because the pen is perishable and people may throw it away after they finish with it. They may not discuss about it with anyone else. However, a magnet stands high chances of retention over refrigerator door and if not anything else, they would make a good refrigerator art. Most local businesses are pressed to re-invest or repeat their small budget gifts in couple of months, which loads financial burden and drains their effort. However, a magnet allows them to remain tension free for at least 6 months – 1 year and more. Now you understood why customized magnets are rationally intelligent! By bulk ordering from reputed online stores, you can receive benefits such as free online design proof, free art setup, free full color printing, and free shipping.

4×1.25 magnets are perfect bang for buck for all local businesses, which are struggling to make good impressions at small budget.