1X3 Magnets – 5 Smart Ways of Lead Generation

In the USA, the competition between brands is intensifying and the business landscape is becoming competitive and murkier than ever. Today, businesses understand days of “vague advertising” are long over and they have to attempt personalized advertising. No wonder, many of them are resorting to small 1×3 magnets for building impressions around their brand. Now you may ask what is special about them. The answer is these small magnets are – adorable, affordable, reliable, and lend space for making best quick impressions. Here are the five smart ways of using 1×3 magnets for lead generation-

1X3 Square Corner Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

  • Business Announcements
    Gone are the days, when people took time to read billboards, or banners laid along the city corners. Today, they expect you to personally approach them and inform about your new offering or a new product or a new service. We understand that an individual conversation may not be possible with each of your customer. You can easily approach them over these customized 3×1 magnets. Use it to inform any special news, which you wish to share with them. You should concentrate on meaningful short terms to buy their attention. For example – If you are promoting your new pizza outlet in the city, you can easily say, “Home to Yummiest Pizza in Frankfurt” over these promotional magnets followed by your logo and contact details.
  • Discounts
    Today, with the economy going downside, every customer expects to save on the investment. They would appreciate a marketer who allows them to make some savings during the purchase. You can easily attract customers to your business by offering them a discount on total pricing. Gift 1×3 discount coupon magnets, when they step into your store for some purchases. Ask them to use the coupon code for their next purchases. This goodwill gesture will easily take you closer to your targeted customer. They would take turns in retaining this magnetic coupon over their refrigerator doors as a memoir of a good shopping experience.
  • Holiday Wishes
    Any business flourishes through the mutual understanding between a marketer and customer. Today, marketers are taking care to keep in touch with their customers through mails and other digital mediums. This time you can get bit more personal by by mailing holiday wishes 1×3 magnets to your regular and prospective clients. They would enjoy retaining it over their refrigerator doors or other visible surfaces within the home. Don’t you think it is one brilliant way to convert a recipient in your valuable customer!
  • Say Thanks
    Today, businesses understand that retaining a customer for a long term is more strenuous than closing a successful deal. This is why they are hell bent to make their customers feel special at all times. They are doing it by appreciating their participation in the business or their contribution in any other business processes. “Thanks” is still a magical word, which can do wonders for your business.
  • Call for Action
    Businesses can build leads through a call for action. Sending a full color promotional magnet 3×1 calling for immediate action can be a key for lead generation. Suppose you want to push sales for winter creams try sending a full color magnet announcing “Avail special pricing for winter creams, rush this order is only valid for next 10 days” call xxx-xxx-xxxx to know more.

Use 1×3 magnets in best possible way to capture interest and convert a skeptical recipient into a client. You can avail benefits of free art setup, free online design proof, free shipping and free full color printing on buying 1×3 magnets from a reputed online store.