2.5X3.75 Magnets and 7 Beatle Songs

Everyone said it univocally that the Beatles are Geniuses and they still say so. No wonder, their records are still chart busters. However, if you carefully look at their lyrics, you will feel that they are very much apt for magnet advertising. We are attempting to reprise a bit of Beatle Mania by mapping their 7 popular chartbusters with the ever-popular 2.5×3.75 magnets!

2.5x3.75 Square Corner Custom Printed Magnets 20 Mil

Eight Days a Week
Somehow they understood that magnet advertising has to meet the commitment of 24/7. Although social media advertising is on the rise, but people may not have time to check their iPads or smart phones for finding the information of their favorite service provider. They would find it easier to check it over refrigerator doors or work cabinets. A full color 2.5×3.75 magnet exactly helps businesses to achieve the potential of “Eight Days a Week” without any complaints.

Blessing in disguise is the appropriate term for the song “Help” penned by the legendary John Lennon. Today, if you hear it, importance of magnet advertising will unfold before your eyes. A full color magnet printed with brand logo or brand information is always there to help a customer, who wishes to buy from them. Only they need to go to their refrigerator door and read contact information, call them and the help is only an inch away.

I’M Lookin’ Through You
Reaching out to a vast customer segment is never a cake walk, but it is definitely possible to target them through referrals and magnet advertising. 3.75×2.5 Customized magnets adorning the refrigerator door will inspire a recipient to discuss your business with their family and friends. In this way, marketers can assume that they are lookin’ to meet people through those customized magnets.

Act Naturally
Perhaps you know that over exaggeration might kill the purpose and the only option left is to behave naturally. Custom 2.5×3.75 magnets offer you big space for positioning your brand information in its truest sense. You can use it for promoting your brand logo, slogan, and contact details. Perhaps Ringo referenced to an actor in the song, but it directly translates to every marketer or an individual who wish to build strong impressions for their brand.

All You Need is Love
You need love and support of your customers to grow. You can easily expect your customers to stick to you always isn’t it? High quality customized 3.75×2.5 magnets will ensure that you always get the love and support to grow big in niche.

I Want to Tell You
Well, you can easily guess, how this point relates to magnet advertising. Being a marketer, you are seeking a promotional magnet to tell the world, what you offer. Isn’t it? Doesn’t it sound like the Beatles belted out this popular number in your favor!

Do You Want to Know a Secret
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How Beatles knew you are going to indulge with magnet advertising?! Perhaps you will agree with what all others are saying, “Beatles were Geniuses” who not only rocked the world with their soulful music, but also rocked your business with their music.