3 Reasons 8X10 Magnets May Aid You in Emotionally Enticing a Customer

Did someone tell you 8×10 magnets (or perhaps magnet advertising) is not enough to emotionally tackle a customer? You should read this blog to know how to emotionally entice a customer using personalized magnets.

Emotional marketing is a term, which is largely built on a human ego, likes, dislikes and various other emotions. This marketing strategy concentrates on the product and ultimate experience each customer gains from it. By tapping a customer at their comfort level, a brand tries to transcend barriers and strive to become their friend. The main basic is “They Get You and You Get Them”.

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Until this date, you believed that magnet advertising is a passive form of marketing and it was a major dud. Your conception may change after reading this article on using 8×10 magnets for emotional marketing.

Decide Your Targeting Emotion
It could be anything such as “Made in USA” or “Future-friendly” etc. Defining your target audience emotional need is the prime thing you should do. It is vital to promote this insight through various channels other than promotional magnet. For example – ABC car is attempting at marketing with its new improved features. It is saying the same things as many other car brands. Where is the difference? The answer is the car brand never tried to make any difference, it was just following the age-old marketing concept. It can create a unique experience saying “On touch music function” or “enhanced engine capacity” etc. This means all big brands and small businesses can seek it for enhancing emotions.

Encourage Customers to Arrive At Your Buying Decisions Faster
You should put your customers needs prior attempting hardcore branding. You have to encourage a customer to say, “I will buy it only from this XYZ brand”. For that you should understand what do they expect, desire, need, and require from your product or service. For example – You are an XYZ nutritional supplements company trying to market a new vitamin supplement, try to position your product such that it becomes an indispensable element in a customer’s life. Try to spread a message that if a person is missing “XYZ vitamins even a single day, he is going to live a day shorter”. Use large promotional 10x 8 magnets for encouraging your customers to arrive at faster buying decision than ever.

Make Them Believe That You are Just at Their Doorstep
Do you know where do most brands fail? They fail to make impressions that they are ready to serve customers according to their emotional requirements. You should use the promotional magnet to make them believe that you are ready to serve them at every corner through social media, toll-free numbers, website, etc.

You can employ various other techniques of emotional marketing over these large 8×10 magnets. By investing in creativity, thoughts and little efforts, you can tap your customers in areas, where they have least expected.

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